Karen Shih
Karen Shih
Oversea Sales Manager at YEN SUN TECHNOLOGY CORP.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Yen Sun Technology Corporation was established in 1987 in Southern part of Taiwan. At the beginning state of establishment, Yen Sun specialized in all kinds of home appliance products, especially in bottle water dispensers, fans, and others. With its profession in designing and superior quality, Yen Sun technology has became well known in its region and developed great reputation among consumers and home appliance industry in a short period of time. Yen Sun always live up to its consumer’s expectation, taking pure water revolutionary as its mission to provide consumers pure water drinking experiences as its own responsibility, continuously strengthen in innovation to provide consumers “safe, qualified, and sanitized” life experiences.

For the sake of serving purify water, Yen Sun constantly updating its water dispenser and became the first in addressing “unbroiled water wouldn’t drop”, that ensures that only broiled water could be served, every drop of water from Yen Sun water dispenser is boiled. Yen Sun has also marketed a revolutionary product “steam type water dispenser” in 1993, this product boiled the water until vaporizing which ensures that consumer can only be served with most purified water. Yen Sun had always placed consumer’s safety in first place; safety concern is taking into consideration in every stage of product development starting from designing stage to production and to customer services. Despite higher costs, we insist in using best quality key parts, including Japanese made Thermostat.

Yen Sun’s persistent in serving best quality product has earned positive feedbacks from customers all over the world, and great reputation among its industry. Consequently, Yen Sun has taken a place in home appliances OEM and ODM markets all over the World. Our outstanding design and innovative ability had earned Japanese people’s confidence toward us, and giving us full authority in developing exact industrial high velocity fans, the result proudly brought us high growth rate in oversea sales history. With our strong RD, manufacturing, and quality control professions, Yen Sun not only provides productions but also suggestions, improvements, and total solutions to fulfill customers’ need.

In accordance with abundant experience in fans, motor technology and the great demand for thermal solution for in the market, Yen Sun has established Division of Thermal Management and Production in 1997, developing series of superior functioning, long last life-spanning cooling products, successfully established itself in the related industries. With exceptional RD teams, Yen Sun had made a break through traditional thermal solution, developed TMD- a series of quite, great functional TMD. Yen Sun products conformed RoHS standard, and acquired ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001 through conscientious, efficient production system, and also acquired world most strict quality approval in car industry ISO TS16949. Among all the cooling products, TMD has earned fantastic feedbacks from the market. Yen Sun not only became well known in information industry, with its superior quality and product property, Yen Sun also took places into telecommunication, and car industry.

Yen Sun has took “innovation” as it’s guiding principle starting at beginning of establishment, we have been trying and developing new products constructively. Although Yen Sun’s capital is relatively smaller comparing to Taiwan Top 100 cooperation, the amount of Yen Sun’s approved and issued patent has achieved the top 100 for continuous 5 years. Consequently, Yen Sun’s revolutionary products have brought the company to many honorable milestones. Yen Sun also has its profession in doing ODM and OEM products for customers worldwide. Custom made products has attracted American customer who attach importance to superior services, German customers that value designing abilities, and Japanese customers that concern quality & reliability.

Yen Sun Technology Cooperation has kept its logo of “ Innovation, Quality, Efficiency” by carry through our belief “attentive, determination, reliance” throughout the performance of every members to accomplish the mission of “environment caring, satisfied consumers.” To foresee the future, Yen Sun Technology Cooperation will kept the faith of “humane” as our core value, ceaselessly strengthen in innovation and improvement to inspire most secure, comfortable, and convenient life toward every member of our society.


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