Kaiser Tsao
Kaiser Tsao
Procurement Manager at AOpen
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: AOpen
Personal Link: http://www.aopen.com

A DSD Company who have interest on IoT


Founded in 1996, AOPEN is a major electronics manufacturer, specialized in ultra-small form factor computing for both home and business applications, and digital signage, from hardware to software and services.

We are a global business with a presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

Unparalleled expertise

Through our parent group Wistron, we have access to a worldwide pool of expertise, combined with innovative systems and solutions to deliver value to our customers. AOPEN's customers and partners range from governments and financial institutions to retailers, retail design firms, strategic consultants and branding agencies.

Our OpenService initiative is an alliance of hardware, software, and content creation partners that seek to make digital signage easy and accessible. It provides an end-to-end solution for the retail sector, from remote management, content creation and distribution, to analytics and social media engagement.

Our ethos

AOPEN's business has successfully evolved over the years while maintaining its core values and beliefs. We focus on working with our customers to achieve their business goals, prioritizing collaboration and sharing. Their success is our success. We believe in "intrapreneurship" to drive innovation and employee development. We are committed to open architecture and products, and a future of innovation, openness and partnership.

Encouraging openness

The "Open" of AOPEN is derived from our spirit of "Open & Share". By encouraging autonomy and the ability to make major decisions quickly, our account teams can facilitate customer demand promptly. AOPEN also encourages alignment with specialist technology partners. We provide global support to give our customers access to unique offerings that otherwise may not be commercialized.


Media Player & Industrial Computing-

  • AOPEN Computing Platform

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  • All-in-One Touch Displays
  • Touch Displays
  • Dispay (Non-Touch)

Plug & Play-

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  • OpenSign: Interactive content delivered to touch screens in-store
  • nVIEW: Scalable Video Wall Solution
  • In-Store Showcase: Transparent display, media player and software
  • In-store Multitouch Presenter: Interactive touch display with software
  • Datawall: Powerful, ready-to-use videowall solutions
  • nTAKE Value Menuboard Solution: Mini PC with software suite to manage signage content
  • nTAKE Pro Menuboard Solution: Mini PC that supports 4 screens with signage software suite
  • Express Cast SDE53: Android media player with web based CMS
  • DS2 Security Solution: Digital Engine plus security camera and surveillance software suite
  • Smart Retail Show Window: Interactive Digital Window
  • nCORP: Turnkey Corporate Communication Solution

Server Rack Solutions-

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  • Accessories for AOPEN Digital Engine

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  • Accessories for Displays

webaccessories displays