Juri Lai
Juri Lai
BD Manager at Beijing Light-year Co.Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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As a leading robot company in China, the founders of Turing Robot possess over 10 years of experience in AI research and a big dreams in service robot area: making every family on earth has their own personal robot one day.

As the Most Intelligent Robot in the Chinese Semantics, Turing Robot serves as the leading global platform for Chinese semantic and cognitive computing. With an accuracy rate up to 94.7% in terms of Chinese semantic recognition, Turing Robot can provide intelligence-based software and hardware products with AI services covering Chinese semantic analysis, natural language and dialogue processing, DeepQA and more. Turing Robot has established a proven track record in many hardware and software fields, including domestic service robots, commercial service robots, toy robots for children, intelligent customer service systems, intelligent vehicle systems, and smart home control systems.

With the publication of Turing OS in late 2015, Turing Robot has become a company providing the world’s first AI robot operating system that possesses over 70% market shares in China. Turing OS is an intelligent robot operating system built on the basis of simulating the thinking mode and emotional recognition of human, which provides natural and friendly multimode human-machine interaction methods. It contains a thinking enhancement engine, an affective computing engine and a self-learning engine.