Junko Ikawa
Junko Ikawa
Coordinator at Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization
Ota, Japan
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Ota City, one of the 23 major cities of Tokyo, has roughly 5,000 small companies with excellent industrial technologies. For a long time, many of them have been providing support for leading Japanese manufacturers when developing new products and carrying out research and development. Those who are responsible for development in a variety of Japanese companies often come to Ota City to gain technological support from the local companies.

Very few of the many small companies located in Ota City produce cheap products in large quantities. Unfortunately, therefore, the local companies here would discourage those who are looking for as cheap products as possible. If, however, you are looking for hints for the development of new products, you are able to find “ideal partners” – subcontractors of manufacture requiring advanced processing technology. In particular, Ota companies, which have an enterprising spirit in terms of the creation of new technologies as well as sophisticated processing and manufacture, have been offering technological solutions to a large number of leading Japanese manufacturers. We would like you – from companies not only in Japan but abroad as well – to use local companies possessing these technologies as your business partners.


We at the Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization are providing support to overseas companies so that they can find ideal business partners. We are ready to respond to inquiries in English and Japanese as well, and please feel free to e-mail us in these languages.