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SinoVoip Co., Ltd specializes in IP solutions for audio, video, data, and imagine streaming. Founded in 2004, SinoVoip is located in Shenzhen. We follow IoT trends closely, and develop our own patented IP products. Therefore, we are your best choice for audio and video solution provider.

Products: Banana PI series development board, VOIP products , Wireless products and POE Switch.

We primarily serve telecommunications operators, private network users (including government departments, schools, banking) and business users.

SinoVoip relies on strong R&D capabilities, and the development of communication software, IP telephony, IAD, GW technology, which allows customers to speed up its production line.

Our 6,000 square meter factory is equipped with a full range of production equipment and highly skilled technical personnel. We have complete SMT production lines, plug-in production line, assembly line and testing.


(1) Banana PI

Banana PI BPI-M3 is an open source hardware platform, Banana PI BPI-M3 is an octa core version of Banana Pi , Banana PI M3 is an improved octa core to the Banana Pi M2. It supports WIFI onboard.

Banana Pi BPI-M3 series runs Android, Debian linux, Ubuntu linux, Raspberry Pi image and other images.

Specifications: 1Ghz ARM7 octa-core processor, 2GB LPDDR3 SDRAM, add 8G eMMC flash on board.

Banana PI with Gigabit ethernet port can run with Android 5.1.1. The size of Banana PI BPI-M3 is the same as Banana PI M1, and it supports 1080P high definition video output, the GPIO compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ and can run ROM Image.

Supports SATA port.

CPU: Allwinner A83T octa-core

(2) VOIP Phone

SinoV-100B IP phone is an internet based voice network phone terminal. SinoV-100B IP phone adopts multiple voice control protocols and voice compression coding methods to directly convert analog voice into IP packet for internet transport, thus effectively using the existing bandwidth to provide PSTN quality voice service.

SinoV-100B IP phone supports SIP protocols, offers one Ethernet interface and is compatible with various softswitch systems and VoIP voice gateways to provide broadband IP voice service.


Base features:
  • Voice Features
  • Call hold;
  • Unattended/ attended call transfer
  • Call waiting and per call-waiting blocking
  • Call forward (Always, busy, no answer, power off)
  • Voip speed dial
  • VoIP digital map
  • User define ring tone
  • E.164 dial plan and customize dial rules
  • Caller number/name display
  • Voice promote
  • Configurable jitter buffer size
  • Configurable audio frame
  • Static/Dynamic WAN-IP-Addressing

(3) Gateway

The SinoV-1600/2400/3200 is a SIP-based analog voice gateway that provide voice / fax communication over the IP network (VoIP/FoIP). It links traditional telephony networks to IP networks with conventional telephony devices such as analog phones or fax machines.

The highly flexible call routing settings allow the administrator to configure different routes for calls based on the dialed number. Both proxy based calls and peer to peer calls are supported simultaneously. It supports phone book to place peer to peer calls without going through a VoIP server. By routing calls over the Internet or any IP network, this gateway can reduce or eliminate long distance or inter-office phone charges. Corporations can also enjoy the benefits of network consolidation and improved controllability of the telephone system.


(4) Internet Power Phone

The Internet Power Phone 200™ V2012 is the simplest and most cost effective of the Internet Power Phone™ product line. The IPP 200™ V2012 is able to operate seamlessly with all popular VoIP Client software and has been tested with Cisco, 3Com NBX, Xten, Nortel, Dialpad and Windows Messenger. Client hook-switch integration (optional) requires the installation of Eutectics integration software.

(5) SinoV-switch-4-M-AF POE Switch

SinoV-switch-4-M-AF is a 5-port network powered 10/100M self-adapting Ethernet switch. It has a common UPLINK port to connect to the up level network device, such as common switch and router. It has 4 POE output ports which all match IEEE802.3af standard. Each POE port can offer max.15.4W power. All ports support Auto MDI/ MDIX function.

SinoV-switch-4-M-AF offers a simple, economical, high performance solution, compatible with 100M networks. It is very easy to install, and to operate and provides flexibility to improve workgroup performances. All the advantages show that this switch is the best choice to improve the sever efficiency. The 4 PSE ports simultaneously offer data transmit channels and supply power for routers, switches, wireless APs, IP phones, industrial network terminals, IP cameras and other equipments. It provides the power supply to these appliances without the necessity of separate power cables, improves the reliability and simplifies the installation of the Ethernet power system.


1 Comply with IEEE802.3 10BASE-T for Ethernet and IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX for fast Ethernet standards.
2 Compliance IEEE802.3af for POE
3 it have 5 ports of half duplex /full duplex self-adapting RJ-45,with 100Mbps for each ports.4 POE ports,which can automatically identify the power ( max power as 15.4W of each)
4 Each port supports MDI/MDIX, which can automatically adjust the buffer to balance the Ethernet loading and to avoid data package missing.
5 Each port has auto detecting and correcting polarity ability
6 Support MAC address auto-learning and auto-aging
7 Panel lamp monitors the working status and helps to resolve faults easily
7 Highly insure the data integrality and speed matching
9 Highest speed for data transmitting and data filtering
10 Strong compatibility in Ethernet application to keep user lowest cost

(6) 3G WIFI HD Camera

The system completely supports the 3G video surveillance through the 3G video call network using the mobile phone and 3G data network using other devices. It supports the WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and EVDO standards. The system provides the internet video surveillance software package that includes the windows PC version camera centralized control software, Android Phone / Tablet version client application, iPhone / iPad version client application and Flash-based camera centralized control web application.

HD internet camera SoC chip solution. The system uses the 1/4 inch CMOS image sensor and H.264 video compression standard. The main stream supports 720p, 30 fps, 2Mbps video streaming. The system integrates the ISP image processing that supports 3D progressive scanning and 3D digital de-noise. The system supports auto exposure, auto white balance, auto focus and 12.2kbps AMR bi-directional voice communication.

The system supports the independent sub-stream 720p video recording. It supports maximum 32GB internal TF card storage and maximum 2TB usb external hard disk storage. It supports 24-hours video recording, scheduled video recording, manual video recording, alarm video recording, video record searching, video record preview and video record download. The video record is stored as the standard AVI file.

The system supports the motion detector and 433/315 wireless alarm receiving and transmitting. It can auto learn the pairing of the wireless detecting and alarming devices: e.g. remote control, door sensor, photoelectric beam detector and etc. It can maximum store 1024 device pairings. It supports the alarm notification using 3G video cal, sms, iPhone push alarm and etc.

The system supports the 3G hotspot function. The 3G bandwidth can be shared by other WiFi devices when the WiFi AP mode is enabled.

The system supports the base station geo-location function. The geo-location of the camera can be displayed in the Google Map.


(7) GPS 2.4G RFID Locating GSM Kids/Student Cellphone

Get location information via SMS or service platform

Check student enter or exit school by 2.4GHz RFID technology.Support 100 person at same time passing the door of school.

Real time locating the position of kids or student by GPS and GPRS technology.

Kid can call with the family member and the emergency contact.

Support SOS alarm and GPS location in emergency situation.

Diable mobile phone talk function automatically by 2.4GHz RFID aid.

Environment recycle plastic case.

Auto broken ring in overwhelming force to prevent kid from hurt neck.

RFID can work beyond one week when not enough GSM battery power.

Support mobile operator cell Base Station locating and GPS locating.

Support GPS period auto location.

Support geo-fence.

Support GPS location tracking record and play back.

Integrated 13.56MHz short distance IC for little payment such as bus IC and canteen


(8) Wifi IP dongle & android IPTV player



(9) Robot