Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez
CEO at SoundCTL
United States
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Company Website: SoundCTL
Personal Link: http://soundctl.io

We developed a software platform in the form of an Audio API for real time streaming and mixing in the cloud for IoT devices, web, and mobile apps, the audio API enables you design applications to broadcast, record audio, and downlink audio in real time in the cloud.

What is SoundCTL?

SoundCTL is an API that allows you to take full control of real-time audio streaming. Combine multiple live sources, tweak audio levels and transmit the final output, all at the speed of light.

Powerful Audio API

SoundCTL was designed from the ground up for real-time audio mixing. Harness the true power of live audio compositing with simple API calls and take your apps to the next level.

Push The Boundaries

Being able to mix audio in real-time opens the door for completely new types of applications. From remote music collaboration to virtual reality, the things you can build are limited only by your imagination.


Outstanding Documentation

Our API has a powerful combination of features. We've made great documentation a priorirty and have made it easy for everyone to get started.

Real-time Audio Routing

Connect any number of audio inputs and merge them together instantly at your will. This allows for a whole suite of applications that couldn't exist before.

Multiple Audio Formats

Transmit a variety of audio formats and we will automatically detect and decode. This gives you the power to create an app for any device.