Joy Tung
Joy Tung
Special Assistant to Chairman at Marketech International Corp.
Taipei, Taiwan
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Expertise in investment, financial planning, analysis affairs with startups, medical industry, and commercial real estate. Search for investment projects for Marketech.

About MIC

MIC is diversified in 4 complementary areas: Sales Representation - Dedicated to marketing and integration support for process equipment and materials in the IC, FPD, LED and optoelectronics industries.

System Integration - Offering total solutions for facility integration of clean room and MEP turnkey projects, DI water, gas and chemical supply system, wastewater treatment system, facility monitor and control system, installation and maintenance services.

Facility Turnkey Projects - Utilizing MIC’s engineers to design, manufacture, and integrate complex equipment or new facilities for customers. Complete turnkey solutions and our low cost supply chain allow customers to be more competitive and profitable.

Advanced Manufacturing - Provides OEM/ODM parts supply as well as localized and customized process and facility equipment.

Under the leadership of Ms Margaret Kao and President Scott Lin, our team of talented professionals delivers the innovative technology and extensive service to satisfy not only the customers'demands but industrial safety concerns and environmental protection as well.

MIC provides an extensive service network. The business scope covers CMP, photomask, wafer and mask inspection, consumable spare parts, SOI wafer, LCD process and inspection equipment and materials; outsourcing service in tool manufacturing; clean room and MEP turnkey projects, DI water, gas and chemical supply systems, waste water treatment systems, facility monitoring and control system, etc.

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