Joseph Zhang
Joseph Zhang
Technical Sales Engineer at Wi-linktech Communication Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Established in 2011, Wi-linktech Communication Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing company which specializes in IOT wireless communication technology. Located in the heart of Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Pudong, Shanghai, our company provides the world's leading wireless communication solutions (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / BLE / Lora / NB-IOT, etc.) and Cloud services. We cooperate with clients from China, the United States, Europe, South Korea and other regions, covering a variety of industries which include industrial IOT, robotics, automobile, medical care and fitness, finance and security, high-end consumer electronics and so on.

We adhere to the concept of people-orientation, integrity, responsibility and innovation, and are committed to being a sustainable high-tech company using talents and technology as the core competitiveness. Our core team has more than ten years’ management and technical experience in the Top 500 US-funded high-tech foreign company. Besides, we cooperate closely with industry-leading semiconductor companies and distributors, and provide highly customized services by combining our wireless communication and Cloud technology with clients’ own applications. In this way, we can provide reliable technical support for product and service innovation in the era of IOT.


Bluetooth Module


Based on TI's CC2564 BR / EDR / LE single-chip Bluetooth solution, WLT2564M is a dual-mode Bluetooth module developed by WLT. Built-in Bluetooth dual-mode protocol stack and a variety of application profiles can make it easier for users’ to realize Bluetooth device connection, data transmission, voice, music and other applications.

one-to-multiple Bluetooth


At present, the existing receipt printers based on the Bluetooth protocol can only realize one-to-one Bluetooth printing. However, with the popularity of a variety of mobile Internet services, many Bluetooth receipt printers are required to be connected with more than one APP on the phone. For example, in the take-out food industry, many restaurants may cooperate with multiple take-away APPs, such as, Meituan, Baidu and so on, to increase the amount of orders. Ordinary Bluetooth printers require one printer for each APP. If there more than one APP, the restaurants will need more printers, which increases the cost and reduces the convenience. To solve the problem, Wi-linktech Communication Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has developed a one-to-multiple Bluetooth printer solution, making one printer connecting with multiple APPs possible.

While there are other similar solutions in the market, our solution’s strengths are:

1. Supporting 70 + 10 or even more APPs

2. With Bluetooth protocol stack running on the host MCU side, a MCU is omitted, reducing the cost significantly.

3. Perfect integration of Bluetooth protocol stack and printing SDK, largely reducing the workload of software development.

Wechat Smart Light


With the popularity and development of Smart Home, more and more household appliances which have been intelligentized are entering into our life, especially in the field of home lighting. Such products like smart light bulbs have been very popular, continuously enhancing our life quality. However, these products only have one single function and take much space on our phone. The WeChat smart lights solution developed by Wi-linktech Communication Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has well solved these problems. Apart from the traditional lighting function, it can also realize the adjustment of brightness and color temperature. One of the most wonderful advantages of the solution is that no APP is needed, the only tool needed is scanning provided by WeChat.

Bluetooth Message Chair Solution


Based on the traditional massage chairs, Bluetooth massage chairs allow users to control the function mode, speed, time and massage position through the Bluetooth app on the smartphone. It’s convenient, safe and easy to operate, thus meeting the needs of domestic and international Smart Home market.

IOT Dual-mode Blueooth technology makes intelligent pianos



Dual-Mode Bluetooth Speaker Solution



Compared with traditional speakers, the biggest difference of Bluetooth speakers is that they do not need all kinds of wires to connect. Besides, they are small-sized, portable and free of environmental restrictions.