Jonathan Li
Jonathan Li
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Engaged as a Venture Associate for, a hardware investment fund and platform to bring the next wave of connected technologies to retail shelves around the world. Primarily responsible for sourcing new companies to enter the network while supporting existing companies inside of Brinc.

Experienced in areas of network monitoring and management. Able to create proposals and solutions to address network needs by delivering the right products and techniques for each network environment ranging in size from individual enterprises (100 users) to carrier-grade ISP networks (100,000+ users).

Extensive professional part-time and internship experience in information technology consulting and business development. Exposed to technical environments involving coding, hardware manipulation and network traffic analysis.

Employment experiences in technology companies located in the USA (Washington, Hawaii), UK (London), China (Beijing, Shenzhen) and Hong Kong; including organizations ranging in size from 3 employees to over 10,000+ in size.

Earned academic diplomas from the USA (Undergraduate) and China (Graduate). Also studied at the London School of Economics. Native English and fluent Chinese abilities.

Enjoys reading (one book a week), running (state champion qualifier) and surfing (childhood activity).

ABOUT Brinc:

Brinc was established in 2014 to accelerate connected technology hardware product startups from the ideation stage through business development, consumer validation, manufacturing support and distribution. Based in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, Brinc is now an investment fund and acceleration platform built specifically to support a new generation of hardware entrepreneurship.

We’re a group of entrepreneurs, leaders and operators from all over the world with experience in technology, startups, crowdfunding, sourcing/logistics, manufacturing, distribution and venture capital. A collective driving force behind one team, Brinc bridges the gap between software, hardware and services to offer entrepreneurs a supportive roadmap that takes them through the journey from acceleration to distribution and sales.

We have a vision for integrating the offline and online worlds together but can’t do it alone. With our strategic location in Asia Pacific we’ve developed a global ecosystem to support a new generation of hardware entrepreneurship.

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LAUNCH – Acceleration-

Once you get accepted into our program, we’ll pay you and your co-founder to fly to Hong Kong to be a part of LAUNCH, our Accelerator program. You’ll enter Level I of the LAUNCH stage of our program and during the 4-week viability program, learn everything there is about making an IoT product including validation, desirability and feasibility principles. There will even be a final exam and quizzes – we’re that serious about ensuring that our founders get everything they need to get their idea off the ground.

Select teams will move on to Level II and launch their products publicly as their final exam. After 3-4 months between our offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, teams will leave with the education, process, and relationships to properly design and launch any product they choose in the future.

FLY – Product Development-

Once startups successfully demonstrate market validation for their product, they progress to our FLY stage and work with our team of carefully selected experts and ecosystem partners in Shenzhen on their product R&D for software, hardware and platform development.

During these 3-4 months founders can expect to tackle real issues around DFM, production, and delivery process to ensure all of their pre-sales or crowdfunding orders are delivered on price, on time, and to specification. Once they are ready to mass manufacture and ship product, founders who graduate to the SOAR phase can expect to be approached by buyers and retailers around the world.

SOAR – Commercial Distribution-

Once products are ready to ship, a select few of our startups have the option of entering our SOAR stage to get trained on commercial distribution including pricing strategies, product packaging, distribution negotiations. You’ll deliver retail samples, design retail kiosks, present at global trade fairs, and finance and deliver a global retail rollout plan for your first products.

During the final stages of our program, founders will fully experience what it’s like to manage and deliver a full product lifecycle for their first product and get assistance for their product roadmap and retailing for the coming year. These skills are priceless and will be invaluable to founders as they go on to grow and scale their companies.