Johnny Liu
Johnny Liu
Director at NeuroSky
San Jose, United States
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Company Website: NeuroSky


As the Director of NeuroSky's Developer Program, Johnny Liu collaborates with other innovators and hackers towards the next wave of wearable devices.

NeuroSky is at the forefront of body and mind monitoring and analysis. Its technologies are at the core of innovative, wearable technology products. With NeuroSky, millions of consumers are able to capture and quantify personal health and wellness data, giving them vital insights that help them to understand and manage their mind and body performance.

About NeuroSky:

NeuroSky’s technologies enable product developers and enterprise service providers to create solutions that can capture, quantify, and reveal the industry’s broadest range of personalized health and wellness metrics. Easy to understand and use, the advanced biometrics enabled by NeuroSky technologies give consumers actionable information to help them evaluate their fitness — and if necessary, change their behavior to get on the path to healthier living.

NeuroSky’s mission is to make innovative biosensor technologies available on a mass-market scale. Our leadership in electroencephalogram (EEG) biosensors has produced hundreds of breakthroughs in consumer-level brainwave monitoring. And recent advances in our electrocardiogram (ECG) biosensors and biometric algorithms are now enabling OEMs, ODMs, and service providers to develop solutions that can monitor and analyze a vast array of cardio bio-signals previously not available in consumer wearables. Our ECG biosensor Cardiochip™ and our biometric algorithm roadmaps will accelerate innovative differentiation for our customers by enabling them to develop the kind of mHealth solutions that today’s consumers demand.

NeuroSky partners with organizations that are building next-generation, consumer-facing wearable and mobile products. Our partners choose us for our leading technologies, innovative product reference platforms, and our suite of tools that enable fast time to market. Most of all, they choose NeuroSky because our technologies enable the efficient and cost-effective development of one-of-a-kind products and services that truly stand out in the marketplace.

Founded in 2004, NeuroSky is a privately held, Silicon Valley-based company with offices throughout Asia and Europe.



EEG Biosensor Solutions-

mHealth solutions based on the NeuroSky cardio platform can help you develop wearables, apps, and mobile devices that stand out in the marketplace by delivering the advanced biometrics consumers really want:

  • Stress
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Fatigue
  • Heart Age
  • Breathing Index
  • Mood
  • Heart Rate Index

ECG Biosensor Solutions-

Our brainwave biosensor sensor offers multi-platform support (iOS, Android, PC, and Mac) and an open-platform SDK, making it easy to create apps that harness the power of the human mind.


MindWave™ Headsets