Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee
Deputy Manager at Compal Electronics, Inc.
Taipei, Taiwan
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Ever since its initiation as a PC peripheral supplier in 1984, Compal has grown to its present scale with outstanding management and solid R&D capacity. Today, Compal has secured its status as a leading manufacturer of notebook PCs, LCD products and smart device which are renowned for their exceptional quality. In addition, Compal has been taking firm strides in the development of the 5Cs (Cloud, Connecting, Computing, Communication and Consumer).


In an effort to construct an efficient global operation system, Compal has established business sites in China, the U.S., Vietnam ,Brazil ,Poland and Mexico so as to provide versatile and speedy services to live up to its reputation as a world renowned brand name in Original Design Manufacturer.

Compal manufactures its products at its Kunshan and Nanjing manufacturing facilities in China. It is comprised of five notebook PC production plants, four display product manufacturing plants, two smartphone product manufacturing plants and one consumer electronics product manufacturing plant.


As Compal is a firm believer in the “Quality First” policy, the Company has made a conscientious effort to constantly gather various data from different manufacturing procedures as the basis for improvements and solutions. Apart from prompt delivery, Compal has also enforced a strict QA system to ensure that all products are meticulously and rigorously tested using high-precision equipment at every stage in the production run so that the quality of its end products would exceed customers' expectations. Prior to shipping, all products also have to undergo a final inspection to makes sure that the products are defect-free and in impeccable quality.

Presently, all Compal's existing facilities have been certified to the ISO-9001 international quality standard as well as the IS0-14001 and OHSAS 18000 international environment standards. It is no surprise that Compal is well recognized by major OEMs around the world in the area of notebook PC, Smart Device manufacturing and Compal's display products also enjoy outstanding reputation and image in the IT sector.

In addition to the development of internet application oriented notebook PCs, Compal's competent management has also made diversified deployments with insight and vision to construct a complete supply chain that will encompass communication, digital media, mobile devices, automotive electronics, vertical integration (i.e. chassis, bearing, connector, printed PCB and etc) components, panels and net connectivity with Compal Corporation at the heart of the supply chain. Meanwhile, Compal is developing smart wearables, investing the IPC industry and going deeply medical and vertical application markets. Further, Compal combines strategic alliance with internal capability and resources to enter smart home, smart care and smart healthcare of the IoT.

Looking to the future, Compal will strive to continuously focus on 5C related products and actively enters cloud computing and the IoT to build up diversified business models with unprecedented confidence and vigor. With the hard work and contribution from over 70,000 employees around the world, Compal shall realize its vision of “Green technology; Cloud dominance & Illuminating life” in respective areas of the 5C.