John Fu
John Fu
General Manager at Rexpos Technology
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: Rexpos Technology


  • Prove capability of initiate a project from zero, completed projects including factories setting in US and China, leading more than 300 engineers to complete an investment backing IT project, winning the first OEM client in Foxconn, Flytech…etc.
  • Prove leadership of managing more than 1,000 staffs and setting up Factory in US and China, and leading more than 300 software development engineer to conduct resource allocation, people management, and on time service delivery for the project.
  • Advanced sales capability of helping customers to develop IF Design winning products and generate 66% revenue growth in Asia Pacific Region.
  • Sales revenue almost doubled from NTD$3E to 5.5E within 1 year.
  • Double Taiwan market share from 20% to 50%, increase Korean market share from 25% to 35%, South East Asia revenue increased from US$1M to 2.5M.

About Rex Memo:

In designing Rex Memo, we have combined the industrial needs with the appealing elements of consumer PDA. No doubts that consumer PDA have been widely used in the restaurants and hospitality industry as mobile ordering terminal, payment systems and etc due to their stylish looks and user friendliness. However, the lack of industrial features of the consumer PDA could not withstand long hour operation and heavy usages in the harsh hospitality environment. With the latest components and technology, Rex Memo is housed with fast CPU, large memory, ultra-fast and seamless wireless that doesn't sacrifice battery life, ultra light weighted and aluminum body with corning glass front panel which make it the most cutting edge, ergonomics and robust ordering PDA that is ever made.

Features of Rex Memo:

  • Wireless Charging
  • Optimal Protection
  • Extra Battery Pack