John Drebiger
John Drebiger
Account Strategist at Hack-PR
United States
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Company Website: Hack-PR

We Build Thought Leaders.

Becoming an industry thought leader is crucial to your company’s success. Customers want to work with the industry experts. Investors want to invest in the industry leaders. And employees want to join companies that are the top in their field.

Today, becoming a thought leader isn’t a choice. It’s a must.

This is what we do. We build thought leaders. In every industry. Our unique process and approach has built thought leadership for over 80 clients ranging from big data to mobile payments, from consumer health to hedge funds and every industry in between.

We’ve built a machine: a process and system that builds thought leadership in any industry. Visit our “How” page or click the link below to see exactly how we do it. We’re not your average PR firm. We are entrepreneurs. We are salesmen. We are hustlers. Then, we’re PR people. Everything we do is different from how normal PR firms do it. How we plan, how we strategize, how we execute and how we bill clients.

HackPR was built for entrepreneurs who are tired of the traditional PR model. Tired of paying for effort. Tired of wasting time. And tired of bullshit. Our clients demand results and we deliver. That’s our guarantee or you don’t pay us.