Joey Ting
Joey Ting
Assistant Manager at Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited
Shenzhen, China
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Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited (ZDT) was established on June 5th, 2006. ZDT specializes in manufacturing Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), High Density Interconnection (HDI), Rigid Printed Circuit Board (R-PCB) and Integrated Circuit Substrate (ICS). These products are broadly applied in the areas of computer information, consumer electronics, networking, automobile and medicine.

ZDT's experienced management team is led by Chairman Charles Shen. We cooperate with world leading customers and utilize advanced technology to construct manufacturing sites on the basis of high efficiency and low cost.We continuously promote four modernized manufacturing engineering processes: efficiency, rationalization, computerization, and unmanned production.

ZDT R&D centers are located in Taiwan and Shenzhen. We have several manufacturing sites located in Shenzhen, Qinhuangdao, Huai'an, and Yingkou. We also set up several service centers in Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, USA, Finland, and Vietnam to provide our customers with immediate professional and superior service.

While pursuing excellence in both technology and innovation, we fully understand that dedication to pollution prevention and natural resource reuse are the foundation for environmental sustainability. ZDT has created a new model of PCB production base with environmental excellence. We have established a sound pollution control system that is far better than national government’s standards. The average waste water recycling rate is more than 40%, and solid waste recycling rate is more than 90% at all ZDT plants.


HDI/High density Interconneciton


Multilayer with Micro-via and build up process to achieve high density routing density.

Micro-via design (size<0.15mm), High density routing (Connection density >130 point/in^2, Line distribution density >117 point/in^2).

Min Line Width/Spacing for MP is 40/40um, Sample can achieve 30/30um.

Diversify build up structure, 4~14 layer can be manufactured (including Any-layer), the board thickness can be achieve 0.25~2.1mm.

Varied material choosing, halogen free based environmental protection materials will be main choice.

FPC/Flexible printed Circuit board


Reduction in Package Size and Weight, Decrease in Assembly Time, Assembly Error and Cost Reduction.

Point-to-Point Wire Replacement, Dynamic Flexure of the Circuitry.

Z-axis Interconnection for multi-layer build up, Anisotropic Interconnection with bonding function.

Controlled Impedance Signal Transmission, Improve Signal Integrity, High Speed Cable Structures.

Compliant Substrate for Surface Mounting, Chip and Component on Flex Surface or Embedded, Three-Dimensional Interconnection and Packaging.

Sculptured Flex, Single-sided Flex, Double-sided Flex, Multilayer Flex.

Rigid-FPC/Flexible printed Circuit board

rovide a carrier for installation and interconnection of electronic components.

PCB Thickness : 0.4mm~4.2mm, Layer count : 2L~24L.

PCB Materials : High reliability materials, High speed materials, Low & Ultra low loss materials , RF materials.

Stackup : PTH , Sequential buildup(6L+6L / 4L+4L+4L…) , Hybrid materials…

Others : VIPPO (PoFV), Back drilling, Heavy copper, Thermal management…

IC Subtrade


The most advanced technologies in the PCB industries are used to transmit IC signals from ICS to PCB

Sits in between IC and PCB to protect the IC and serves heat-sinking function

Small in size, light weight, and high-density

ICS is considered as the upper-level component in the advanced packaging process

Depending on the different packaging methods ,ICS can be distinguished into IC-packaging ICS or trace layout/signal transmitting ICS