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Joe Huang
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Tainan, Taiwan
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Neovictory Technology is a medium sized enterprise established on November, 2004. We focus on the research and production of bone conduction microphone.

We are in cooperation with various laboratories which adds to our abundant research and application development. Neovictory puts its efforts in bone conduction microphone development, and provides adequate solutions among its communication applications. Neovictory chooses bone conduction microphone as its mainstream research among the vast field of communication technology, and focuses on the reduction of background noise.

Our bone conduction microphone stands out exceptionally in reducing wind noise, which is difficult to eliminate by digital signal processing. Through years of hard work and development, Neovictory has successfully marketed its product worldwide.


(1)Bone Conduction Bluetooth Sunglasses

The S302 features advanced technology, sophisticated design, and multiple functions. With black polarized lenses, it is sunglasses. With transparent lenses, it functions likes safety glasses. With a patented human communication interface design the S302 efficiently provides clear voice signals in strong winds and noisy environments. Equipped with its technical bone conduction microphone built into the nose pad, the user’s voice is captured directly from along the bridge of the nose for incredibly clear conversations everywhere.


S302 is a Bluetooth System that has been thought with an absolutely innovative concept by using NVT Bone Conduction technology.

S302 can be connected with Bluetooth enabled to answer phone calls, music players and GPS.

S302 is equipped with two high quality earphone set, one is for the normal use, and the other one is prepared for a practical and stable use inside of a safety helmet.

S302 answer phone call automatically in hands-free mode when listen to music or in stand by.

S302 is equipped with polarized high quality polycarbonate lenses, UV400 protection, and anti-scratch, high impact resistance.


(2)Bone Conduction Bluetooth Goggle

W301 is a high quality ski goggle with a modern look. W301 compact size and its structure make it very comfortable to be used with all types of helmets.

Its technical features make it suitable for many other activities that require eye protection and possibility of communicating. W301 bone conduction microphone is integrated into the frame and you can feel free to speak, absolutely heedless of environmental noise.

The powerful battery grants you to phone and listen to the music for a whole day when you’re in sport or work.


W301is a Bluetooth System that has been thought with innovative concept by using NVT Bone Conduction technology.

W301 can be connected with Bluetooth enabled answer phone calls, music players and GPS.

W301equipped with a bone conduction microphone integrated into the frame, which is able to catch your voice directly from your nose so you could have a clear conversation everywhere.

W301answer phone call automatically an incoming call, even while listening the music.

W301 allows Voice Dial calls, when supported the mobile phones that include the Voice Dial feature.

W301is equipped with lenses UV 400 Protection, Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch.

W301 ensures you 10 hours music playing time, 12 hours talking time, 200 hours stand-by.


(3)Bone Conduction BlueTooth Helmet Device

Noise reduction communications

BonSayOn H401 utilizes NVT patented Bone Conduction technology to reduce background noise and eliminate wind-interference. It creates a clear communication environment for riders & bikers.

A2DP function, enjoy high quality music

BonSayOn H401 supports A2DP profile, allowing users to have not only hands-free talking capability, but also to enjoy their favorite music stored on their phones. A complete audio autonomy on a simple device.

Dual Standby / Auto Answer function

BonSayOn H401 with multi-point connection technology, allows users to simultaneously connect to two mobile phones. Incoming calls, after 2 ring alerts, will automatically be answered. No miss call from both mobile phones.

2 different earphones at your choice

BonSayOn H401 comes with 2 different types of earphones: Helmet headsets and Earbuds (Standard earphone). Helmet headset is designated for motobikers by affixing earphones on the inner side of the helmet. A very comfortable, convenient, & safe way to talk while riding.

IPx4 limit waterproof

BonSayOn H401 IPx4 limit waterproof feature allows users to use it in a rainy day.(Note: Direct water spray or immersion in water may damage product permanently