Joe Glover
Joe Glover
Head of Marketing at The BLN (Business Leaders Network)
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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CMO/Head of Marketing/Marketing Manager/Executive/Great Tea Maker at The BLN.

I try to be different by striving to be the best version of myself, not a poor imitation of someone else. The BLN produce events such as the Top Three in the World IoT Forum, and the legendary Business of Software Conference. It is my job to let people know about these events.

I do my job with a smile on my face as although my job description would say marketing, I am actually recommending something I believe makes human beings more badass in their businesses. The things I consider specialities are social, email, and copywriting. That being said, my role requires competence (and excellence) in a wide variety of tasks. Despite these claims, I recognise I can always improve and become better at different aspects of my job - learning is very important to me and I recognize it as something I do my best to do every day.

About BLN

Who on earth are The BLN?

The BLN (Business Leaders Network) was formed in 2007 as a counterblast to the plague of expensive and unproductive networking events targeting the tech sector. We want to serve one customer – delegates – giving them the best environment to meet their peers, exchange ideas and establish useful relationships.

We work from our office in Cambridge, England, and are a small and tightly knit group of people with a reputation for producing great events.

So what do you do?

In a short phrase… we produce events for great audiences.

In a longer sentence… The BLN have produced a number of events over it’s history, all whilst having the motto of being ‘the best, not the biggest’ events in the world in mind. Our audiences are always high quality, only matched by top class speakers, who include household names such as Kathy Sierra,Derek Sivers, Rand Fishkin and Dharmesh Shah.

Okay, fine, but what events have you actually produced?

Today the meat and potatoes of the The BLN’s activities is producing the unique Business of SoftwareEurope and USA, and the Top Three IoT event in the World, IoT Forum. Our events are professionally organised and have had great feedback year after year. We encourage an atmosphere of listening and collaboration, instead of shouting above what others have to say. In the past we have turned down lucrative sponsorship offers to instead maintain the sanctity of what we do. We have a great BLN community and are always looking for great people to join and contribute.

About IoT Forum

What is IoT Forum 2016 (#IoT16)?

IoT16 brings together three key groups in the IoT Field – Corporates, Investors, and Disruptive Entrepreneurs. The aim of the conference is to both explore the latest trends that will effect the IoT field over the next year, and also to facilitate the connections across industries to accelerate business success.

As IoT has matured, so has the conference. Although purposefully being a generalist event, areas of particular interest are M2M, Smart Cities and Smart Homes. As the range of products enabled by IoT is expanding and becoming more specialist, how will the sector unite to deal with questions on privacy, security and interactivity?

How will it work?

A two day, single track conference will bring together some of the biggest names and most influential people in connected devices to examine what is needed to build successful businesses and initiatives in the sector.

An exhibition and showcase pitches to highlight some of the best new businesses in IoT. Networking sessions carefully designed to make sure that you can make meaningful connections with people who can help you move your business forward.

Our speakers will consider some of the big questions around IoT’s market in 2016:

  • What problems are customers using IoT for? Which have most value?
  • Where are the valuable collaboration opportunity?
  • How can you partner with large corporates with big budgets?
  • Where is the smart money? What is is investing in?
  • The sectors and applications – well known and more obscure – that are showing success.

Where is it and how do I get there?

The event will be held in Robinson College, Grange Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AN, England

Please note that parking is very limited at the college and needs to be pre-booked.

Cambridge has a extraordinary depth of expertise in the basic technologies for IoT which makes it the natural choice for a technical conference. But it also has many high growth companies in the sector, meaning any large brand considering the commercial potential of IoT will learn a great deal from a day in Cambridge.

Who should come?

We target and host three main groups of people.

  • Established brands, using or interested in the Internet of Things and how it will effect their business
  • High growth, extremely disruptive, interesting and entrepreneurial tech businesses developing IoT technologies and platforms
  • Key Investors and influencers in the market.

It includes founders, funders, big corporate names, startups and scaleups. From the UK and further afield. You can see a full list here.

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