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Joanna Zhou
Overseas Sales Manager at APPOTRONICS CO., LTD
Shenzhen, China
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Appotronics Corporation is developed from YLX laboratory built in Silicon Valley in 2004. Since the company was founded, the technical team have pursued the spirit of independent innovation, aimed at the development of the new overthrow technology and first developed the innovative ALPD®laser fluorescence display technology in 2007. In the next 9 years we improved this technology continuously, building the patent regime based on more than 100 core patents. ALPD technique breaks through the limits of traditional light source such as LED, and overcomes the shortcoming of RGB laser display. It is the first laser display technology which successfully achieves industrialization worldwide. It marks that Chinese enterprise can master the intellectual property of the core display technology and opens a new chapter of wisdom in China and the world for the display field.

Since ALPD®appeared, Appotronics has developed a series of products which have had a profound effect on the display field. The first 100 inch laser TV worldwide won the CES “Product of the Future” prize in 2013. In 2014, the first laser film projector worldwide was used for the first show of 《Transformers》, whose luminance is up to 20000 and it meets DCI standard.

Appotronics is extending its innovative ideas to more display fields with it’s over powering ALPD®technique.

Appotronics attracts a number of hi-tech personnel from the outstanding academy’s and enterprises home and abroad. The key members in the R&D team was selected to “Thousand Talents Program”. The team received many honors and support such as, the overseas Chinese innovation and enterprise team, priority was given by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office for the first time, the leading innovation team in Guangdong province, the first innovation team of “Peacock Plan” in Shenzhen, etc. ALPD technique has got great support, such as Twelve-Five national science and technology support program, the new display plan of National Development and Reform Commission, and other science and technology project support.

Appotronics fulfills the “New light, new life” dreamsand ambition carried with a passion, that science and technology changes human life.


Laser TV(Theater)



With the world’s first ALPD laser display patent technology, ALF DNP Hard screen which has the unique 6 layers ultramicro structure, and the innovative ideal of blending the laser technique into audio-visual art, the magnificent screen breaks through the technical limits of the traditional LED in security, power consumption, color and user experience with top manufacturing processes and the original slide cover design as a sport cars sunroof. It will change the world’s view of TV.

Laser Portable Projector

Xming laser mini projector


Xiaoming laser mini projector with its perfect and fine ideals, adopts Appotronics ALPD which is the global exclusive patent and the new generation display technology. It uses the mini pure laser source and imaging lens system, with 700 lm luminance, real color, and wide color gamut. It overcomes the shortcoming of imaging in bright environment of the traditional projector. It is convenient to carry and can be applied to various commerce occasions.

Laser Large Venue Projector

AL-UH420 (Laser ultra short-throw projector series)


Appotronics ultra short-throw engineering projector AL-UH420, uses ALPD which is the world exclusive patent, and integrates the newest imaging lens system. Its throw ratio is 0.233, and its luminance is up to 4200 lm. It is available for screens from 80 inch to 15

Laser Education Projector



Appotronics ultra short-throw laser education projector AL-UX320/AL-UW320/AL-UX360/AL-UW360/AL-UX420/AL-UW420/AL-SW400, adopts the innovative ALPD and reflecting ultra short-throw technique, accomplishes large image displays in small spaces. The lifetime of this serial projectors is up to 20000 hours, and they have a clean, transparent and high contrast frame, rich and real color, delicate gray level, richer depth of field.