Jingshan Hao
Jingshan Hao
New Business Director at SenseTime
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website:SenseTime
Personal Link:http://sensetime.com/

Sensetime Group is a technology innovative company, committed to make breakthrough on the core of artificial intelligence-deep learning, construct solution for artificial intelligence and big data analysis industry. We make the most outstanding and influential deep learning plus computer vision scientists come together, and we have a batch of leading figures who came from Google, Baidu, Microsoft and Lenovo, etc. Under the background of artificial intelligence industry is flourishing, rely on over ten year experiences in technology, talents and patents, Sensetime Group become a leading enterprise in artificial intelligence in a short time.

We lead in applied technology, such as face recognition, character recognition, human body recognition, vehicle recognition, object recognition, picture processing and others technique.

In business field, Shensetime Group are skilled in finance, Internet and security monitor industries.

We have cooperation with across industries giants, including Union pay, JD, Lakala, Huawei, MIUI, Weibo, IFLYTEK, NetPosa, Nvidia and so on. Making products update intellectually.

Sensetime Group has been set up branches in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we gain a foothold in China, acquiring top talents all over the world to make the company to become a Chinese unique original technology company, spread Chinese intelligence to the world. Join us in the exciting process of changing the world!