Jin-Lien Lin
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Company Website: Imec TW
Personal Link: http://www.imec.tw


over 20 years of industry experience in digital, analog, and RF designs. Building up engineering teams and project execution.

About Imec:

Imec performs world-leading research in nanoelectronics. Imec leverages its scientific knowledge with the innovative power of its global partnerships in ICT, healthcare and energy. Imec delivers industry-relevant technology solutions. In a unique high-tech environment, its international top talent is committed to providing the building blocks for a better life in a sustainable society.

  • Access to world-leading R&D in nano-electronics
  • Extend your R&D base
  • Leverage scientific knowledge
  • Global partnerships
  • Achieve industry-relevant solution
  • Imec headquarters is based in the internationally acclaimed knowledge region Leuven where imec plays a key role in Leuven Mindgate, the business cluster designed to boost economic growth through collaboration and innovation at the crossroads of Health, High-Tech and Creativity.


CMOS scaling

Intuitive Internet of Things

Internet of Health

Internet of Power


At imec, we have set up a host of services to help you design, layout, prototype, fabricate, and test your products. Services that help you concentrate on your core business: making great innovative solutions and getting them to market.

Our experience in all stages of semiconductor design and fabrication, our broad knowledge, and our contacts with leading companies make us an ideal partner to help you implement your applications and products.

We can help you; whether you are a company, a university, or a research center; whether you need an IC in 28nm technology, photonics circuits, or a biomedical sensor; whether you need a prototype IC or a qualified chip.