Jiachen Guo
Jiachen Guo
PR Specialist at Misway
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Misway

Misway is an innovative consumer electronics company founded in 2016 at the convergence of wearable technology and speech translation.

Adios to tower of babel, AirBuds translating earbuds help you to communicate with anyone, in anywhere

AirBuds is a wireless earbuds that translate more than 42 languages in almost real time. What makes AirBuds special are our multi-engine translation system, excellent noise cancellation & comfortable fitting.

·Innovative gear Combined leading technologies in speech recognition, machine translation, voice synthesis and the advances of wearable technology, AirBuds earpiece translate more than 42 languages in almost real time.

·Sleek design AirBuds earpieces are truly wireless designed for share, free movement and style by Red Dot Award winning team.

·Made for cross-border communications AirBuds breaks language barriers for guys with overseas business operations, or has foreign partners, and international travelers.

The product is on the stage of engineering sample. And pilot production shall be ready in the middle of May. And our Indiegogo campaign will launch around July or August. And the early bird price is around $129.