Jesse Wang
Jesse Wang
Senior Product Director at Wistron Corporation
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: Wistron Corporation


Product management with 18+ years in Top 3 brand companies and ODMs for product development, new technology research & implementation, product validation and test, cost control, resource allocation and supplier management.

ABOUT Wistron:

Wistron Corporation is an ODM (original design manufacturer) providing a variety of support services related to design, manufacturing, and after-sales service for information and communication technology (ICT) products. Wistron sells products to clients who use their own brand to introduce into the marketplace.

Our client base consists of branded, global/regional-based OEM (original equipment manufacturer) companies. Our clients request Wistron to provide an ever increasing array of services to support their product development plans.

Wistron's network of design, manufacturing and service teams has grown to over 60,000 people worldwide. Our various offices provide a wide variety of engineering services under the leadership and coordination of global R&D, manufacturing and after-sales service center teams. Global centers work closely with customers on all aspects of their current product development and future product road map plans.

Wistron's offices and operations are strategically located to help support our customers' various product development requirements. Wistron customers have access to experienced teams operating from locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Manufacturing and post-manufacturing services are arranged in the most appropriate locations to match customer and product requirements.

Wistron's strategic deployment of resources takes advantage of individual country strengths, while fitting into our overall product development support plans for each customer. Each location also develops specialized teams that add to the variety of services our customers can leverage. As Wistron expands so do the services provided to our customers.


Product development-

  • Software
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical engineering

Quality Assurance-


  • Electronic design automation
  • Reliability engineering
  • Product certification engineering
  • EMC and Safety engineering


Assembly services-

  • System integration
  • PCB assembly

Quality control-

  • Quality management programs
  • Testing applications

Supply chain management-



Program planning

Customer support

Key products and services:

Design, manufacturing, and after-sales/ support services for Notebook PCs,/ Desktop systems, Server and Storage/ systems, IA (information appliances),/ Handheld devices, Networking, and/ Communication products.