Jesper Noer
Jesper Noer
Regional Sales Manager at RTX A/S
Norresundby, Denmark
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  • Responsible for sales of Design Service Projects in Asia.
  • Over 10 years of experience with Wireless Projects.


RTX delivers Wireless Wisdom to your product! We design hardware and software to make your ideas and visions reality. Work with us for the optimum Wireless design within Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or proprietary Wireless technology.

RTX is a preferred partner to major enterprise, industrial, and consumer oriented OEMs, focused on the development and production of advanced wireless solutions.

RTX was established in 1993. The Company has approximately 180 employees, with our headquarter located in Noerresundby, Denmark, and facilities in Hong Kong and Silicon Valley, San Jose, USA. Since June 2000 the Company’s shares have been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange. RTX has successfully completed more than 700 wireless design and/or OEM/ODM projects.

The business foundation for RTX is the solid knowledge and know-how in designing advanced wireless short range systems and products. The know-how is primarily focused around solutions based on the technology areas DECT, CAT-iq™, Bluetooth™, Wi-Fi™ and VoIP, either via Skype or SIP.

RTX takes projects from the concept stage all the way through specification, design, development, test and verification to a final product. In addition, RTX offers production services in Asia of either OEM or ODM products. RTX' staff of highly experienced engineers and experts commands all relevant technical and professional disciplines, and RTX possesses the necessary facilities, including EMC and Acoustic laboratories, to conduct the development work from the idea stage to a production ready design.

We are Adopter Members of Lora Alliances


The Group’s activities are organized in the following business

  • Design Services, a R&D design partner of wireless solutions.
  • ProTelecom, an ODM/OEM supplier of advanced IP telephony solutions for the Enterprise and SME market.

Each business unit has its own dedicated development department and focused sales and marketing function, as well as control of their supply chain. The products and components are primarily sourced from a selected number of partners and suppliers, with whom the RTX Group has a longstanding co-operation.


Not everyone knows why the company is called RTX. It has its origin in the abbreviations for receive (RX) and transmit (TX). And instead of naming the company RXTX, it became RTX, which in the logo is marked with a double X.


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