Jerry Yip
Jerry Yip
Manufacturing/ Engineering Specialist at Manatech Development Co. Ltd.
Hong Kong, China
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Manatech, founded in 2010, is a Hong Kong based tooling manufacturer and products development specialist. Starting from a mold factory, it has now become an integrated product and tooling manufacturer, and we provide product engineering development solutions to our customers. The growth represents our unrelenting efforts to succeed with commitments in innovation and product quality.

Our manufacturing plant is located at Dongguang, China; it is a 150,000 square feet facility offering mold design, production and manufacturing. Also, we have two product assembly and printing lines to meet the demand from customers who find production in Guangdong China strategically advantageous.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Provide integrated product engineering solutions to sustain long-term growth and customer satisfaction.
  • Promote quality products and services at all levels while enhancing competitive advantages.
  • Aim to be the supplier of choice for every supplier we serve.

Startup / Product Development Solutions

Manatech is an integrated product development specialist and manufacturer. No matter if your project consists of a millions pieces or a few sets of prototypes, all projects at Manatech is met with the commitment, values and guidelines that our customers expect; to provide top quality products and product development services on-time and at competitive prices every time.

We provide following engineering services: