Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen
CEO at Dexatek Technology Ltd.
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: Dexatek Technology Ltd.

Dexatek Technology is a top-class global player in designing, manufacturing and marketing IoT products, multimedia, mobile TV receivers, capturing devices and consumer electronic products.

Dexatek Technology’s mission has always been to adopt the latest advanced technology incorporated with the pursuit of high quality, good design and user experience to develop innovative products at affordable prices.

Founded in 2003 , we have successfully reached several milestones:

  • First Andorid on TV product - enable users to watch digital TV on Android phone / tablet
  • First iOS on TV product – enable users to watch digital TV on iPhone / iPad
  • First Mobile device for ATSCMH – first USA ATSCMH mobile TV receiving adaptor
  • Leading on TV card / USB dongle innovation development and market share
  • Leading on capture devices innovation development and market share

Dexatek Technology is committed to deliver immersive entertainment experiences and foster effective communication among people.

Services We provide

(1) Software / APP Service


(2) Smart Home / IoT Service


Users select their desired components for building a smart home.

BLE based products:

  • LED light
  • Environmental sensor
  • Surveillance related sensors.


Android/iOS/Web supported. With stylish and user-friendly UI/UX design, home automation control is easy, fun and enjoyable.

Cloud Service:

Advanced features such as push notification, scheduling, conditional statement for communication between products, electricity bill calculation are managed by the cloud service. Users are able to control their smart home devices remotely.

(3) Hardware Design / Module

We design and manufacture IoT related products, multimedia, mobile TV receiver, capturing devices and consumer electronic products.


(1) Smart Gateway


  • Access, manage and schedule ΣCasa peripherals by connecting to ΣCasa cloud server,
  • Sends notification to smart phone/tablet,
  • Smart link - setting various combination of conditions and activities to accomplish the

    application of IOT, let devices function autonomously,

  • One gateway can control 16 peripherals,
  • Built-in WiFi chip antenna,
  • Built-in power amplifier for extending BLE transmission and receiving distance,
  • ∑Casa JobLink supported.

(2) Smart Power Plug (EU)


  • ON/OFF control, monitoring and scheduling,
  • Power consumption measurement and cost calculation,
  • Power management for energy efficiency,
  • Overload warning and protection for security of electricity supply,
  • Detect and indicate the power consumption of different devices,
  • ∑Casa JobLink supported.

(3) Smart Door Sensor


  • Can use on doors, windows, cabinets, safes and etc.,
  • Protect your property and loved ones,
  • Notification sent to smart phone when the door or window is opened,
  • History record of door and window status,
  • Light and convenient,
  • Battery inside, low power consumption,
  • Easy installation, no wiring needed,
  • ∑Casa JobLink supported.

(4) Smart Weather Sensor


  • High Precision non-contact temperature measurement (+/- 0.5℃),
  • Temperature detection range: -20℃ ~ +85℃,
  • ∑Casa App provides 24-hour weather forecast to help you make propoer preparation,
  • ∑Casa App synchronize weather data every 2 minutes to cloud server,
  • Low battery alarm: the sensor will alarm when battery life is under 28%,
  • Easy installation, no wiring needed,
  • ∑Casa JobLink supported.

(5) Smart Smoke Sensor


  • Photoelectric smoke alarm,
  • Removable smoke chamber for easy maintenance,
  • Automatic calibration and self-test,
  • Low battery and malfunction are under full supervision,
  • Manual test button helps to verify battery status and alarm operation,
  • Aesthetically appealing professional detector design,
  • Notification sent to smart phone or table when alarm goes off,
  • Easy to install, move and maintain,
  • ∑Casa JobLink supported,
  • Alarm mode - JobLink system will link smoke detector with other devices such
    as motion sensor. The smoke detector will alarm when motion sensor detect moving objects.

(6) Smart Motion Sensor


  • Built-in PYRO Electric Infrared sensor for accurate motion detection,
  • Battery inside and battery life is up to one year (TBD),
  • Tamper protection - Built in G-sensor will detect any change or moving of the sensor,
  • Adjustable sensitivity - Users can customize the sensitivity,
  • Send Notification - User get's notified via notification when there is movement and when user exit/enter a region (TBD),
  • Smart Link - Users can pre-program various linkage with other ∑Casa devices based on 2 major cases:
    • 1) IF motion is detected, THEN some specific events will be activated,
    • 2) IF NO motion is detected for few minuets, THEN some specific events will be activated,
    • ✴ SUB IF - Users can pre-program that some specific events will be activated when,
  • IF/IF NO motion is detected and one particular event happens simultaneously (TBD),
  • Easy and quick installation, no wiring needed,
  • Free Android and iOS Apps supported.

(7) MFI Products

World first HomeKit Bluetooth product line:

One stop service

Overall design from hardware, software,firmware and app design.

Manufacturer facility

Manufacturer facility to provide customer flexibility and scalable production options.

Proven Experience

Years of experience with MFI products.

Reliable hardware

The product has passed the TUV, LVD,UL, and R&TTE tests.

System integration

Own cloud architecture provide high level of integration.

(8) Android HDTV Dongle


  • Receive free digital TV on your Android device,
  • No internet connection required,
  • Support DVB-T,
  • Battery-less design and light-weight,
  • Special App for Android,
  • Support HD channel,
  • Support EPG,
  • Support recorded Video offline browsing,
  • Support EPG instant on-demand,
  • Air DTV android app support multi languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Polish).

(9) Video Grabber


  • Capture from any analogue source,
  • (SVHS/Cinch/XBox/PS3),
  • Easily convert your video tapes to DVD,
  • Professionally edit your video into a DVD,
  • Upload converted video to YouTube,
  • USB extension cable included,
  • Windows Vista/XP/WIN7/8/10 compatible,
  • Video Resolution:NTSC:720X480 @30 FPS,PAL:720X576 @25 FPS.

(10) HD Game Capture


  • Supports for capturing in stunning 1080p30 Full HD and H.264 encoder,
  • HDMI/Component input,
  • Play and Record in Real-time,
  • Support hardware record button,
  • Microphone input for recording your game commentary,
  • PC/Standalone mode,
  • Streaming your video to YouTube or Twitch,
  • Powerful software provided (record, trim, streaming including adding your webcam in screen).

(11) WiFi Speaker


  • Built-in WiFi capability,
  • Airplay / DLNA / UPNP compatible,
  • Wirelessly stream music from your smart device / PC / Mac,
  • Multi-Room support that easily integrates into your home,
  • WiFi seamless streaming for the highest quality music,
  • 3.5mm phone jack input,
  • iOS/Android App free download,
  • Ample full range sound quality,
  • Windows PC tool support,
  • MFi Certification (option),

(12) Bluetooth Music Receiver


  • Wirelessly stream music from your smart devices to your existing speakers,
  • Built-in amplifier for beautiful sound quality,
  • Make hands free calls, and conference calls,
  • Easy one button operation to answer calls and play music,
  • NFC support,
  • Built-in Battery.

(13) Smart key


  • Bluetooth 4.0 smart technology,
  • Protect your valuables,
  • Anti-theft one button to find the phone / one button alarm to find the keys,
  • Break through non-stop shutter feature,
  • Multi pairing, up to 4 devices,
  • Location tag using smart keys,
  • Ultra low power last up to 6 month / High Battery life,
  • Free app download.

(14) Mobile Cloud Storage


  • Personal Cloud
    • Wirelessly transmission the Video/Photo/Music/Document via USB port and SD slot.
    • Share your media files with friends and family via wirelessly transmission.
    • Streaming different media files on 5 devices simultaneously
  • Support SD slot and USB port
    • Replace any capacity what you want and change it easily by yourself.
    • Enable Card reader function when connected with PC or Mac.
  • Built-in Power Bank
    • A portable power source with a capacity of 5200mAh
    • 2 Amp Output for Rapid Charging
    • Suitable for charging iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mobile device, etc.
  • Portable Travel router
    • Portable Design to set up Wi-Fi Network anywhere.
    • When you travel, you won’t have to rely on wired connections or slow, unsecured networks. It allows you to easily set up a wireless network in your hotel room.
  • Free app included
    • Supports Android/iOS,
    • Download Media files from SD Card / USB Flash Drive to local device,
    • Send document as mail attachment,
    • Streaming media files with 3rd party software,
    • Easily manage your local files,
    • Upload your device library video,
    • Upload your photo,
    • Support multiple format files.