Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen
International Business Executive at Chuan Young Precision Industries
Taichung, Taiwan
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About Us

Chuan Young Precision Industries Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003. Located in Taiching, Taiwan─the heart of bicycle and aerospace industries. After decades of rich experiences in processing and cooperation, we are now working closely with many world famous brands in bicycle, transportation, wheelchair, dental and aerospace realm. As a professional and reliable CNC processing company we passed ISO 9001, and strictly manage our procedure to make our quality and punctuality in a high level. Our team has a limitless capability and rich experience in helping our customer develop solutions and create products. 「Am Impossible made possible」 is our creed, we accept any challenges, the harder the challenges are the better we will try to conquer them. So if you are looking for a partner who can improve your quality or even solve your problems, please give us an opportunity to know one another.

20 Years of Prototyping and Processing Experiences

Chuan Young was built by a group of mechanical engineers with solid skills and knowledge of processing. They work together as a team and are on the same page for two decades, but they never content with the achievement and still striving for improvement and innovation. Chuan Young is fully capable of taking OEM and ODM cases, we are also adequate to provide rapid prototyping, post-coating processing, post-anodizing processing and 3D fine engraved surface processing services.

A Sustainable Company and A Better Future

Protecting the environment is the social responsibility and obligatory duty for every human beings. With the 「Clean from the Source」concept, environmental protection is something every corporate can uphold. To create a sustainable corporate environment and leave a clean planet to our descendants, as well as give our employees a non-polluted working space, we adopted an oil and fume filtration system. By adopting the equipment, it enables our factory to present a modern and clear appearance while saving our employees from air pollution and protect the environment.


What We Do

We do OEM and ODM cases, and provide vertically integrated service from order raw material, processing, surface treatment and post treatment processing for our clients.

Our services:

1. Alloy forging processing

2. Extrusion model processing

3. Die casting processing

4. CNC processing

5. Drilling & tapping

6. Rapid prototyping

7. Post-anodizing & post-coating processing

8. 3D fine engraved surface

9. Full 5-axis milling machines processing

Chuan Young's Processing Works