Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang
Sales Director at Shin Puu Technology Co., Ltd.
Taoyuan, Taiwan
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Taiwan's printed circuit board (PCB) industry is the largest in the world in terms of value, and Taiwan's third-biggest industry after semi-conductors and panels. For decades, electronics and ICT technology flourished in Taiwan, creating the Taiwanese 'economic miracle'. The assembly industry for printed circuit boards and electronics (PCB / PCBA) concentrated too much on economies of scale, ignoring the need for R&D, manufacturing and services for early-stage cutting-edge electronics that are typically high-mix low-volume. Having served several listed PCB companies, Wu Yuan-chao saw an urgent market need for high-mix low-volume specialty manufacturing, and so founded Shin Puu Technology Co., Ltd. in 2001.

Shin Puu Technology is Taiwan's first PCB manufacturer built on an innovation-centric business model specially designed for its ambition to become the global leader in high-mix low-volume manufacture of PCB and PCBA for electronics and various customized services. Therefore, Shin Puu Technology has a long-term commitment to talent development and to pushing back boundaries in higher-order process technology. We continuously invest in R&D and innovation of manufacturing processes, leadership and management, workflow improvement, all in order to satisfy our customers with quality and speed, and to remain Taiwan's leading pioneer in high-mix low-volume specialized manufacturing of PCB & PCBA.

In our Total Quality Management we focus on optimizing 'operational cost' and 'competitive advantage', implementing 'enterprise transformation', strengthening our 'competitive strategy' and 'accelerated improvement of business performance through operational efficiency', and enhancing 'organizational capability' to make 'quality' the core value for everyone at Shin Puu. 'Helping the customers succeed' is the guiding principle in everything we do.

Core Value

Shin Puu Technology is built on an innovation-centric business model specially designed for its ambition to become the most comprehensive Electric Manufacturing Integration Provider (EMIP) and positions itself as a New Product Introduction Development and Production Center and strategic partner for quick-response supply chain management and PCB and PCBA. From R&D and prototyping, to trial runs and mass production, executed at the most suitable locations across Taiwan and China for manufacture and delivery, Shin Puu Technology strives to meet the needs of customers every step of the way. These are the core values of Shin Puu Technology.



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