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Jeff Woodard
VP of New Business Development at Glow labs
Broomfield, United States
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Have a great idea?

We are a small team of developers, engineers, graphic designers, and business people who love getting great ideas off the ground.

Glow Labs was created by veterans of the Home Automation industry. We specialize in connecting sensors to the cloud and collecting valuable information from them.

From a single-purpose application to a complete system we can do it all; typically in less time and for less cost than most.


Hardware Development

The Glow Labs team of IoT engineering specialists produce reliable, cost effective, and beautiful products. Our lead system engineer works with the electrical, mechanical, and software engineers to ensure they are collaborating to meet your goals through every step of development.

Component Selection

We select the highest quality components for maximum reliability and affordable production. Before prototyping, we work with you to select the best communication protocol for your device. We can work with Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), LoRa, NarrowBand-IoT, Cellular, and Satellite communication protocols to get your device connected.

Once we know how the device will communicate, we need to decide how it will be powered. For wearables and wireless devices we typically use Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries or standard alkalines. For increased battery life we can create a solar charging system. If your device will be plugged into the wall we help with transformer selection, voltage and amperage, and energy efficiency.

For prototypes and POCs we leverage existing platforms like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Electric Imp, and ESP8266 to rapidly demonstrate functionality.

For the final stage of development, we select compatible MCUs powerful enough for our prototype code and miniaturize all electronics to accommodate your design constraints.

Product Design

Your product should be as beautiful as it is smart. We use industry leading 3D modeling software from SolidWorks and Autodesk to create 3D mock-ups and schematics of your product. Your input is invaluable during the design process. We ensure the final product meets or exceeds your design goals.

Our in-house 3D printer and CNC machine let us prototype your design in plastic, wood, or aluminum quickly and present you with a physical product early in the design process.

Once the design is finalized, we work with overseas suppliers to create molds and get your product into production.

PCB Design & Fabrication

We use Altium Designer and Autodesk EAGLE to design custom PCBs and miniaturize the electronics of your product. Our electrical engineers fully document and test every circuit to ensure long-term reliability.

We design PCBs in all shapes, sizes, and colors to meet your needs.

We leverage quick-turn PCB production and assembly facilities to rapidly produce PCB prototypes. Despite our rigorous testing to today’s highest quality assurance guidelines, our PCBs take weeks and minimal iterations to finish instead of months.

Ready for Production

We get you ready for full scale manufacturing. We’ll create everything the factory needs to produce your product at scale and at a price point that works for you. Our team will provide you with CAD drawings, functional diagrams, a Bill Of Materials, and full ownership of all intellectual property created for your project.

We can work with a manufacturer of your choice, or introduce you to manufacturers we’ve worked with in the past. We’ll help you evaluate your options and test samples from the manufacturers you are considering.

Software Development

By taking a holistic approach to IoT development we ensure that the software and hardware integrate seamlessly. Our lead system engineer designs the software and ensures experts in each field (iOS, Android, SSL, OAuth, AWS, Node.js, etc.) build their components to fit together perfectly.

Embedded Device Firmware

We start each firmware project by assigning the various GPIOs, UART, I2C, and SPI on the embedded device. We then write firmware to read, monitor, and control the components connected to the board.

Once the components are working as expected, we optimize the code for efficiency and performance. This keeps processor usage and power consumption to a minimum.

The next step is developing the communication method to connect your device to a hub, the internet, a data repository, an app, or whatever is most appropriate for your product. Regardless of the connection method, we take the security of your device very seriously.

The final stage is rigorously testing the firmware. We ensure that the device can receive bad data and self heal if an exception occurs.

Depending on the chipset that is used, we can implement over-the-air (OTA) updates that automatically keep your devices future-proof and running the latest firmware.

Cloud Server Software

Cloud Servers are the central connection point for many IoT projects. Devices, apps, and data all meet at the cloud server.

The Glow Labs Cloud Platform comes with the main components most custom solutions require; security, data storage, communications and more. This gives us a great starting point and is fully customizable to your needs.

Glow Labs Cloud Platform standard stack: Node.js, MongoDB, Express,, HTTPS.

Glow Labs Cloud Platform optional add-ons: Angular.js, MySQL, SQLite, OAuth, Passport, and many more.

Complete server setup including SSL certificate installation, web-server configuration, load balancing, and backups are handled by us. We can either transfer the cloud server to you on project completion or maintain it for you.

IoT Platforms

We can build you an IoT product platform from scratch, or leverage powerful platforms such as Electric Imp and Losant to get you off the ground rapidly.

When we build your IoT platform, you get a fully customized backend designed precisely for your device. Initial development costs tend to be higher but long-term maintenance costs will be lower. We’ve built IoT products on $10 per month cloud servers.

When we leverage an existing IoT platform, your product can be developed rapidly and cost effectively. You get enterprise-grade security and scalability with the platform we use for you. The only downside is that your long-term maintenance costs could be a little higher depending on the platform.

Do you have a platform you’d like to use? We pride ourselves on the capability to develop in any programming language and on any IoT platform.

Apps for Control

We write apps in Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Using the native languages with experts in iOS and Android allows us to guarantee a quality user experience with responsive and attractive user interfaces. Our web apps are built on Node.js to be responsive, dynamic and secure.

All of our apps communicate with your devices and cloud server through bi-directional websockets that provide real-time updates. This means that you always have the most up-to-date data at your fingertips.

We have a UX/UI designer on staff who creates mockups of web and phone app interfaces for your approval. Every app we create is designed to the highest standard of excellence and with your branding. We will demonstrate your apps on a computer, iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, and Android Phone so you know exactly what to expect the first time you use your product.

APIs and Integration

We can integrate your product with Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, Control4, Crestron, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, and more. We can also build and document a RESTful API so other companies can update their products to be compatible with yours.

Regardless of whether you want an open API, you will get full ownership of all the software we create for you and an API handbook on how to edit it. This lets you hire your own team of developers to build on your product in the future.



Our top priority is the long-term success of our clients. That’s why we leverage our experience in the IoT industry to consult with you on your product idea before we begin engineering. We help businesses expand revenue and profits by getting into the rapidly growing smart device space. We advise entrepreneurs on their business plans to put them in the best position to land investment.

To ensure your product’s success, we can identify your market, target price, target BOM cost, and more. We select the best technologies, the best hardware and the best cloud services for your product. We can provide you with 3D mockups of the product design to ensure it meets your specifications.

If you are unsure whether your idea is viable, give us a call and we will informally discuss the challenges you face. We can usually give you a rough estimate of cost, timeline, and BOMs after the first call. We’re happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we chat so you feel comfortable sharing your idea with us.

Small Run Manufacturing

We can create proof-of-concepts, prototypes, and even runs of 100 products or less. This lets you get your product in the hands of colleagues, investors, and beta testers before going into full-scale production.

System Maintenance

We can manage your servers, apps, data, and security on a monthly basis if desired. We ensure all security patches are installed and your system is ready to handle a spike in users. In the event of a problem, simply give us a call and we will resolve it quickly.


We are in this for the long haul with you. We put you in touch with leading electronics manufacturers to find you a production facility with the scale, speed, and price point that you need. We will help you evaluate services and pricing from manufacturers as you decide on your final production facility.

Once you select a production facility, we will provide them with all the information and materials they need to produce your product at scale. We can answer any technical questions they have and ensure they manufacture to the specs we designed. All the CAD drawings, BOMs and technical drawings will be provided to you and the manufacturer by our team.

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