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Jeaniine Chen
Taichung, Taiwan
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We have been specializing in inventing, producing and marketing in the fitness equipment field for years since 2002, with the goal of healthy life and the spirit of high efficiency and balance. Initially, we were established with only a technology team providing customers with ODM services, but we have progressed to become a well-organized and a reliable brand.

In 2008, we have completed the development of Heart Rate monitors, and continue to meet international standards and trends with our own brand name products.


(1) Running Watch

Runaid 10 Bluetooth Running Watch could connect your SmartPhone by Bluetooth Smart 4.0, which not only can operate on smart phones directly, but can also receive the data from smart phones, and display on watch during exercising.


  • Smart phone integration
  • Bluetooth Smart syncs wirelessly
  • One button start
  • World time
  • Heart rate exceeded alert
  • Calorie consumption calculation (heart rate)
  • Memory files contains up to 16 training results
  • Stopwatch, countdown timer
  • User personal settings
  • Long-lasting, replaceable coin cell battery
  • Reach goal alert
  • Current time, Time/ Date, Alarm, EL Backlight, Stopwatch/Countdown Timer

Runaid 10 BLE4.0 Running Watch

(2) Cycling Computer

Smartphone Integration

★Bluetooth Smart Super Low Energy Technology
★One button start
★Water Resistant:IPX7
★Exercise data records function

The multifunction Bluetooth Smart cycling computer Cyclaid 10 is your best partner and personal cycling coach when you are riding. Simple setting, and very suitable for entry & midrange rider.

The Bluetooth Smart (BLE 4.0) wireless technology not only can suppress unnecessarily ambient noise interference, but also could enhance the stability and accuracy of sensing. The only thing you need to do is enjoying your ridding.


  • Smart phone integration
  • Syncs wirelessly
  • One button start
  • Enables to create custom, goal-oriented workouts
  • Automatic lap
  • Quarter turn mounting
  • User personal settings
  • Long-lasting, replaceable coin cell battery
  • EL Backlight

Cyclaid 10 BLE 4.0 Cycling Computer

(3) Hiking Watch

OP100 Hiking Watch

(4) Dual Mode Heart Rate Strap

Dual Technology: Both ANT+ and BLE capabilities allow it to connect to both smartphones and GPS watches

★ Bluetooth wireless technology.
★ Compatible with ALA COACH+ app and other fitness apps as well.


(5) BLE 4.0 Foot Pod

Clever use of a pedometer, running with speed more easily.

D_Accessories-GS002BLE(3).jpg[img src="" alt="GS002 BLE 4.0 Foot Pod">