Jean-Philippe Diel
Jean-Philippe Diel
Brand Strategy Consultant, CMO, Entrepreneur at The Ripple Hub ltd
Auckland, New Zealand
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Company Website: The Ripple Hub ltd

I am a Senior Marketing executive with 20 years of combined experiences in Consumer Technology marketing.

I can help with developing and launching Brands, Services and New Products. I specialise in innovation and market disruption. I bring a proven track record of developing, and executing innovative marketing strategies for SME's and Blue Chip brands both in FMCG and Consumer Electronics.

I have worked in several different environments from start-ups to global corporates all around the globe including Europe, Middle-east, Africa and Asia Pacific. Check my profile and drop me a mail.

Available for consulting assignments, Start-up projects, and more if you hit the spot.

About Ripple Hub:

We are a Boutique Marketing agency and 100% independent.
We specialize in Integrated Marketing Communications, Brand strategy and Consumer experiences that deliver on the bottom line.
The Ripple Hub is the place where ideas come to spread. Our approach aims at creating Positive Brand Experiences, Creating a healthy Dialogue with consumers and partners, and turning consumers and stakeholders into Fans. Come to us if you are looking to create a Brand, wanting to boost your brand or looking to grow your business.
Our group of sister concerns can help you with all practical aspects of taking your brand to market. Check also for: Ripple Distribution, MarketActiv8 and Intrafield IQ.