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ABOUT iMerge:

Since 1998 iMerge is active as a Dutch based ebusiness incubator. Since then, yearly, at least 2 or 3 new ebusiness ventures are launched of which more than 50% is successful.

iMerge provides total e-solutions for manufacturers to reach end-users by multi-channels solutions. iMerge is holding for 4 service providers:


Second generation Ebusiness-

The economy is digitizing. Ecommerce and ebusiness gradually have a major impact on all business processes and the economy as a whole. Ebusiness is not a sprint as people started to believe in the midst of the hype around 2000, but is more like a marathon. Gradually the market has evolved, especially in the West where broadband connectivity has reached sufficient levels for sustaining seamless connectivity. At the same time, the world of ebusiness facilities has evolved from "closed source" models to "open standards, open source and open content" based business models.

As "open" models are more successful on the internet than "closed" ones, iMerge exclusively focuses on "open" ebusiness and ecommerce opportunities.

We currently invest in:

  • e-tailing
  • ecommerce facilities
  • online purchase management
  • rich content distribution
  • ERP-integration