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Jay Zakrzewski
Vice President Business Development at Optometrics Corporatin
Littleton, United States
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Opometrics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, ITAR registered, “Lean” high volume optical components and optical sub-assembly manufacturing company committed to supplying its customers with high quality and cost competitive products and services. Operating out of a modern engineering and manufacturing facility purpose built for precision optical fabrication, system assembly and test, Optometrics’ technology portfolio enables key wavelength selection and thin film coating solutions within the many industries we serve.

Along with a broad offering of standard products, Optometrics provides collaborative design and development services to OEM manufacturers ranging from concept to high volume manufacturing. Our high standard of quality control is ensured through process discipline, a broad scope of metrological systems, and the use of modern statistical and Six Sigma methods. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we ensure this highest level of quality at a consistent level.

Featured Core Capabilities:

Diffraction Gratings - Standard and Custom

Critical Surface Replication

Precision Thin Film Coatings

Patterned Coatings and Infrared Polarizers

Compact Monochromators and OEM Sub-assemblies

Metrology and Characterization

Collaborative and Logistical Support

Diffraction Gratings - Standard and Custom

Optometrics operates several modern master diffraction grating production laboratories, designing both interferometrically controlled classically ruled and holographically recorded replication masters which optimize our OEM customers’ instrument performance. This unique capability, combined with existing production exceeding 1,000 precision diffraction gratings per day, has positioned Optometrics as a premier supply source of many forms of high quality and low cost replica diffraction gratings worldwide.

Optometrics maintains one of the largest master diffraction grating inventories, enabling production and supply of a wide variety of reflective and transmissive components with very short lead times.

Custom Master Diffraction Grating Design and Production

Interferometrically Controlled Ruling

Surface Relief Holographic


Planar and Concave



Critical Surface Replication

Optometrics provides superior optical surface replication know-how and capacity for manufacturing application optimized planar, spherical, and aspherical reflective, diffractive, and transmissive optical components. This refined technology has been adapted for affordable high volume critical surface replication to achieve high surface figure accuracy, nanometer range surface feature duplication, and low RMS surface roughness.

Optometrics provides a collaborative service to prove, optimize, and produce in volume, high precision replicated surfaces on a wide variety of substrate materials.

Optical Replication

Critical Planar and Curved Mirror Surfaces

Diffraction Gratings

Planar, Concave, Convex

Reflection, Transmission

Precision Thin Film Coatings

From their production facility in Massachusetts, and corporate affiliated manufacturing locations in Ithaca and Rochester New York, Optometrics provides innovative thin film coating solutions from a mix of more than 30 vacuum deposition chambers. Deposition technologies include advanced IAD “hard films”, thermal evaporation, as well as magnetron sputtering. Capacity exceeds 500,000 ft2 per year. Optometrics offers custom build-to-print dielectric and dichrioc optical coatings and component supply, and a broad selection of standard off-the-shelf products. End product size ranges from millimeters to meters, and may be flat, curved, or flexible films depending on coating type.

Optical Coatings




Hot Mirrors


Color Corrected



Neutral Density

Cold Mirrors





Laser Protection




Substrate Materials





Patterned Coatings and Infrared Polarizers

Leveraging expertise from within Optometrics’ holographic diffraction grating production laboratories and precision thin film deposition processes, micro fabrication of photo lithographically patterned optical coatings on glass substrates enables innovative solutions for optical system designers. Precise control over the shape and size of optically coated and non-coated surface areas permits the manufacture of specialty optical components such as polka-dot broad spectral band beamsplitters, resolution test targets for machine vision, field imaging, and microscopy applications. Optometrics offers a standard line of broadband polka-dot beamsplitters with a near constant reflection to transmission ratios. Additionally, a similar process is used for producing high extinction ratio IR Wire Grid Polarizers.

Patterned Coatings

Polka Dot Beamsplitter


Custom Reticle

Infrared Polarizers

Wire Grid

Ruled or Holographic

High Power

CaF2, BaF2, ZnSe, KRS-5, Ge

Compact Monochromators and OEM sub-assemblies

Many OEM’s benefit further through Optometrics’ experience of delivering over 40,000 precision OEM compact monochromators and custom pre-aligned sub-assemblies.

Mini-Chrom monochromators are ideally suited for OEM system integration and research applications.


Cost effective with remarkably high spectral resolution, accuracy and repeatability. Driven by stepping or servo controlled motors for applications requiring single or repetitive scans of wavelength intervals or the sequential selection of discrete wavelengths.


Micrometer, digital counter, or integral digital counter/stepping motor control via a calibrated drive for wavelength selection and readout.

OEM Subassembly

Custom & Pre-Alignment

Optometrics has years of experience producing thousands of custom OEM optical sub-assemblies, pre-aligned and tested, with drop-in capability.

Metrology and characterization

Optometrics is equipped with the necessary physical, environmental, and spectral attribute metrology tools, including environmental heat and humidity cycling chambers, cosmetic inspection stations, single and dual beam spectrophotometers, FTIR spectrophotometer, advanced Zygo interferometric testing, and nanometer level Atomic Force Microscopy. Additional customized in-process and final inspection metrology tools and equipment have been manufactured and tailored to the unique needs of our manufacturing processes.

Testing & Metrology

Advanced interferometric surface characterization

Tactile surface measurements

Accelerated lifetime testing

Thermal cycling

Humidity cycling

Nanometer level Atomic force microscopy

Optical microscopy

Single & dual beam spectrophotometers

FTIR Spectrophotometers

Cosmetic inspection stations

Collaborative and logistical support

Optometrics has become a leading world-wide supplier of specialized optical products by successfully developing close working relationships with its customers. By understanding your unique supply chain requirements, Optometrics strives to operate as an efficient member of your engineering and manufacturing organization throughout all phases of your product development cycle.

ISO 9001:2008 certified

Experience, infrastructure, and capability to commercialize in high-volume

The many support services we offer include:

Extensive inventory of stock items

Fast delivery of custom items

Higher level pre-aligned assemblies

Customer matched test protocols

Kanban stocking arrangements

Consignment stocking arrangements

Specialized packaging, marking, and bar coding services