Jason Tse
Jason Tse
Sales Manager at Well Link MFG Ltd.
Hong Kong
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WELL LINK Mfg. Ltd (Hong Kong)

has 20 years focusing in small metal parts manufacturing and 15 years experience of international trade. With our China plant (Dongguan, China) and strong supply chain network, we define ourselves as "one-stop-shop metal part supplier". We supply both cosmetic goods (frame, chassis, accessories) and internal components (battery contact, heat sink, spring, screw) to internationally-renowned electronics brands (consumer electronics, medical, audio, telecom) and EMS customers.

Our Position

In today's electronics market, more consumer demands aesthetics and functionality, to represent different lifestyle. To react, nowadays metal product is designed and engineered with more complex processing technologies. A unique phone case is never complete with one single manufacturing process, but integrate with multiple forming and surface finishing.In other words, a metal manufacturer can no longer produce with their own machines like the past.

With strong network in the industry, Well Link has been developing strategic partnership with CNC machinery, die-casting, electro-plating, anodization etc, to deliver integrated value to customers.

Until today, we define ourselves "one-stop-shop metal part supplier". With professional production, engineering, quality assurance team, we endlessly supply high-quality finished metal parts to our renowned customers across the globe. (more product photos below)


1. Save Unnecessary Time and $$$ in Sourcing

Well Link has a strong network of suppliers with long-established partnership. Each performs different process professionally in their field. Well Link serves as a hub to coordinate these activities and assure quality. As a result, you can focus on your profitable activities, such as sales, marketing and promotion.

2. You Don't Need to Worry About Production Schedule

Our elite production control team is obligated to monitor your orders progress on time. You don't need to worry about how the logistics among vendors goes. We will take care of it.

3. Guaranteed Quality of End-Product

We follow a strict procedure (AQL 0.65) of inspecting every inbound material, components and definitely final product with MIL-STD sampling standard. And we impose 100% full check on cosmetic product. We believe reliable quality creates genuine value by eliminating unnecessary cost in re-work and goods return.

Our Customer


Our customer includes S&P 500 and listed companies in US, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Thanks to trust and support of our customers, Well Link’s product is currently exported to three continents across the globe - Asia, Europe and America. U.S. is our largest market, which contributes 50% of shipment volume.

Our Product

Aluminum CNC Parts with Anodizing (Frame, Case, Panel, Knob, Button)

14582275121242120.jpgKnot Button

Deep Drawn and Die-Casted Parts (Charger Case, Electronics Components)


Stamping & Lathing Parts with Different Plating (Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze)


We are more than happy to provide quotes of any metal parts by 2D/3D drawing. If you are interested, please contact me via HWTrek message