Jason Lim
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Company Website: Heap Venture Pte. Ltd.

Heap Venture provides worldwide brand, product and sales management for startups and OEMs. We operate as a partner in creating high-margin consumer-product-brand businesses. we are not a consulting company. Rather, we function with clients as an integral part of the organization from periods, normally, of one to three years with annual renewal options. We pair with the company from R&D to production and branding, with particular emphasis on marketing and sales, where we assume the principal role. In most cases we proceed via our existing channels in order to reduce the time required for new brands to establish a worldwide presence from several years to less than twelve months.

A go-to market's first two years is usually the most challenging. Heap Venture enables clients to springboard into the global marketplace with minimal risk and expense.

Heap Venture currently manages the following brands (for clients in Taiwan, China and USA) with sales in more than 20 countries: NuPrime Audio (www.nuprimeaudio.com), Celsus Sound (www.celsus-sound.com), NousLogic (www.nouslogic.com) and Encore Design (www.encore-av.com).

Personal venture funded startup experience included writing business plan, financing, operating and building a team from the ground up. Lead the development, sales and marketing of numerous consumer electronics products.

Personal technical background: Designed two microprocessors, lead the development of three distributed and highly scalable software products through their entire product life cycles (conception, specification, development, quality assurance, release, maintenance and sustain engineering)


Brand Management

  • Establishing brand credibility
  • Creative design and styling

Poduct Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising and Communications
  • Marketing collateral
  • PR Management

Product Management

  • Creative and industrial design
  • Consumer Electronics product development and sourcing
  • Packaging design
  • Prototyping and production management

Sales Development

  • Identify & investigate sales channels
  • Investigate competitors, identify leads and partners
  • Build partnerships, local sales channels and support partners
  • Key account management