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Company Website: Heap Venture Pte. Ltd.

Heap Venture provides worldwide brand, product and sales management for startups, OEMs and retailers. We operate as a partner in creating high-margin consumer-product-brand businesses. Note: we are not a consulting company. Rather, we function with clients as an integral part of the organization from periods, normally, of one to three years with annual renewal options. We pair with the company from R&D to production and branding, with particular emphasis on marketing and sales, where we assume the principal role. In most cases we proceed via our existing channels in order to reduce the time required for new brands to establish a worldwide presence from several years to less than twelve months.

A go-to market's first two years is usually the most challenging. Heap Venture enables clients to springboard into the global marketplace with minimal risk and expense.

We prefer to work with companies who are still very early in their product development cycle where we can solicit feedback from retail and distribution partners to ensure that the product is well positioned. We can't help when you already have a product that is "difficult to sell".

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For more details, visit www.heapventure.com