Jason Fang
Jason Fang
Sales Director at J-metrics
Shenzhen, China
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J-Metrics was established in 2008 and is comprised of a group of marketing professionals who specializing in microcontrollers design, fingerprint identification, skilled technology and consumer product markets.

Over the past few years, J-Metrics has been working on data storage, fingerprint identification, etc. It based on market requirements and forward-looking considerations, and conducted with the principle of miniaturization, energy saving, functional sensitivity and ease of use. Related to the use of hardware and software, module research and development, and its related derivative products, J-Metrics constantly sophisticated hardware and software applications and production technology, and has a number of multi-national invention and new patents

J-Metrics takes enhance the quality of life as orientation. In the future, life will be a lot of personal products, and even household products, it’s important to give more operation toward a higher level of security. J-Metrics will continue to provide fingerprint identification of goods into consumers’ daily life, so that each person has a unique fingerprint and can make a convenient key to open their own goods. J-Metrics also brings fingerprint identification into lock industry, home appliances, security and car industry, and technology products include laptops, tablets and mobile phones, so that users feel more relaxed and easy to operate every day in contact with the product.

J-Metrics not only offers a variety of fingerprint sensors to facilitate the integration of products in different products, but also provides the corresponding development procedures to speed up the integration of fingerprint identification. Moreover, in order to enable each industry can quickly fingerprint identification into their products, J-Metrics provide different appearance of the fingerprint sensor, and to provide a fingerprint identification module, so that each industry can easily develop their own fingerprint identification. J-Metrics has professional technical staff in Taiwan and mainland China, which can give professional advice and strong support for product integration.


Fingerprint Sensor-

J-Metrics fingerprint sensors have great advantages. In terms of usage mode, the sensors are divided into swipe type and touch type, which are also in different sizes. The general characteristics of the sensors include their capability to sense fingers with different ridges, whether dry or wet; in terms of durability, the sensors are waterproof, antistatic, scratch-proof, and resistant to wear, acid and alkali; moreover, the operating temperature can be between -20~70℃. As for security features users are concerned about, the sensors can only detect living bodies with body temperature. And lastly, the sensors come in a full flat packaging that has a nice feel and beautiful design.