Jared Oken
Jared Oken
Co Founder at Rayven
Sydney, Australia
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Company Website: Rayven

Rayven - The unfair advantage

Rayven developed an end to end visual IoT application builder cloud solution. This solution enables companies to rapidly design and deploy powerful IoT applications in the cloud, saving them tremendous amount of time, engineering costs and funding while providing a end-to-end software solution as a competitive advantage.

  • Rediculously Fast
  • Data-driven efficiency
  • Frictionlist
  • Smarter Solutions

Packed full of features

Everything integrated for you, drag and drop your way to IOT

Your Needs, Your Choice

Any device in any protocol: The Rayven platform is designed to be able to talk to whatever device and protocol you choose to work with.

Data agnostic: Rayven is also data agnostic. No matter what data sets and information you send through it can understand and process it.

Device/Sensor Discovery & Control: Rayven will automatically discover all available devices/sensors in the network environment. Discovered devices can be controlled through specific agents or protocols provided by the platform.

Launch smarter IoT solutions, faster

Rapidly design and deploy powerful IOT applications and maintaining absolute speed to market

Custom solutions to fit your business needs

Rayven has assisted companies across a number of different industries to build, design and deploy custom IoT solutions specific to their requirements.