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MEMSIC is a world leader in sensing motion and orientation using unique forms of MEMS technology. Our products are used in a wide range of applications. MEMSIC offers leading edge sensor and system solutions for a wide variety of end market applications. Our vertically integrated product line enables us to make intelligent tradeoffs among a number of variables from sensor structure to system design to algorithms. MEMSIC's leading-edge sensor expertise is the foundation for our sensing platforms. As leaders and innovators in today’s world we have finely tuned our technology to provide users with the optimal user experience melding high technology with simple and easy solutions. Building on our foundation in MEMS technology, MEMSIC's cost-effective solutions provide a unique combination of performance and features establishing MEMSIC at the vanguard of smart sensing for more than a decade. Thermal MEMS Accelerometer Technology is unique to MEMSIC, and offers many important benefits compared with other accelerometer technologies.



MEMSIC accelerometers and tilt sensors are shipped into millions of automobiles and consumer products every year.

MEMSIC’s unique thermal technology uses heated gas molecules to detect acceleration and is the fundamental principle behind our accelerometer IC products. This technology offers several advantages over the solid proof-mass structure, including:

No measurable resonance (immunity to vibration)

Virtually indestructable (50,000g shock tolerance)

No stiction

No detectable hysteresis

Excellent zero-g offset stablity

Sensor & electronics integrated onto monolithic IC

Tilt Sensors

Cost-effective, MEMS-based single-axis and dual-axis tilt sensor modules with internal signal conditioning, environmental packaging, and analog or digital output options.

NEW! The MTLT Family of tilt and inclination sensors provide either accurate pitch and roll information over a range of 0 ± 90° or, for a single axis of rotation, a range of 0 ±180°. They offer a convenient RS-232 interface and built in programmable tilt alarm feature ideal for tilt safety applications. The MTLT1xxS modules are designed for static inclination applications, such as platform leveling or solar array monitoring. The MTLT1xxD are gyro compensated inclinometers designed to be used in dynamic inclination applications such as on moving vehicle. The MTLT1 series are packaged in an IP67 rated plastic enclosure and operate from an unregulated 9 to 32 V supply.

The CXTA and CXTLA series offer an easy-to-use signal conditioned 0-5V analog output. The CXTA provides a wide measurement range of ±75 degrees, while the high-resolution CXTLA offers higher accuracy over a ±20 degrees measurement range. The zero-angle voltage and sensitivity are stable over the lifetime of the device. The CXTA/CXTLA modules operate from unregulated power supply inputs of 6 to 30 VDC and are available with a plastic or high-temperature metal housing.

The CXTILT series provides a fully-calibrated, temperature-compensated two-axis digital output with outstanding resolution, dynamic response and accuracy. The CXTILT offers user-configurable bandwidth and resolution to meet a wide variety of demanding applications.

Inertial Systems

MEMSIC’s inertial systems provide end-users and systems integrators with fully-qualified MEMS-based solutions for measurement of static and dynamic motion in a wide variety of challenging environments, including; avionics, remotely operated vehicles, agricultural and construction vehicles, and automotive test.

MEMSIC’s success in developing innovative sensor modules and integrated sensing systems is the result of its combined expertise and intellectual property in sensor characterization, MEMS sensor integration algorithms, and market-specific operational and performance requirements. In addition, MEMSIC’s inertial products are designed and tested to meet industry-standard and/or customer-specific environmental requirements, and many are approved for safety-critical applications by government agencies such as the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Magnetic Sensors

MEMSIC offers magnetic sensor components for high performance OEM applications, as well as rugged magnetic modules for applications where a turnkey solution is required. MEMSIC magnetometers are used in millions of cell phones and tablets, due to their exceptional noise, wide dynamic range, and low power consumption.

MEMSIC’s family of magnetometer components are available in both dual-axis and three-axis versions. They are based on anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) Permalloy technology sensors, which have superior accuracy and response time characteristics, while consuming significantly less power than alternative technologies. The MEMSIC magnetometers are ideal for electronic compass, GPS navigation and magnetic field detection applications.

Flow and Differential Pressure Sensors

MEMSIC’s flow and differential pressure sensors are designed to serve the need for mass flow and pressure sensing in multiple applications such as gas meters, process control, HVAC, medical, chemical, food and beverage, etc. We offer two newly launched and announced product lines, the MFC2000 series of gas flow modules and the MDP200 differential pressure sensor.

MEMSIC's patented thermal sensing technology offers many advantages over traditional solutions, including but not limited to: large dynamic range, high accuracy, excellent low flow sensitivity, low pressure drop, very low power consumption, no moving parts for long term reliability, and intgrated CMOS circuitry.

The MFC2000 gas flow sensor family is a highly configurable, bi-directional flow platform that is being offered in several variations, including 30 and 70 SLM flow ranges, and mechanical configurations including straight inlet, manifold, and PCB mount. The product family is designed for a wide variety of applications, ranging from industrial applications to medical devices.

The MDP200 differential pressure sensor is a highly accurate and stable pressure sensor, designed for industrial, HVAC, and medical applications. The sensor is offered in a +/- 500 Pa configuration with custom ranges available. The sensor is available in bard and manifold mount, with straight and angled connector pins.

Current Sensors

MEMSIC is applying its leadership and expertise in Anisotropic Magneto Resistive (AMR) magnetic sensing to AC and DC current sensing. Devices feature bi-directional current sensing through a fully isolated low impedance current path. Memsic AMR based current sensors are easily scaled for small or large current ranges. MEMSIC improves on existing current sensing technology in the follow ways:

Improved Over Temperature Accuracy ( <2% of measured value over operating temperature range )

Cloud Server-Farm Load Power Management

Increased Dynamic Range and Resolution

Automotive Anti-Pinch Systems

IOT Appliance Monitoring

Increased Bandwidth ( 1 MHz )

Motor Control Feedback Loops

Power Supply Dynamic Load Management

Better Input Refered Bias Stability

Solar Inverter DC Injection into AC Line Monitoring

Wireless Sensor Networks

MEMSIC's wireless Motes and sensors enable OEMs and system integrators to bring end-to-end WSN systems to market quickly and economically.

MEMSIC's WSN connect the physical environment with enterprise management and information systems to provide advanced monitoring, automation and control solutions for a range of industries. Applications for wireless sensor networks are almost limitless, with requirements such as reliability, battery-life, range, frequencies, topologies, size of the network and sensor types. To address the unique requirements of individual applications, MEMSIC provides a broad portfolio of wireless sensor network products.