Jane Chen
Jane Chen
Senior Manager, Project R Division, Medical Business Unit at Altek
Hsinchu, Taiwan
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Altek Corporation was established in 1996, with corporate executive officer Alex Hsia joining forces with a renowned corporation and a major bank. From day one, Altek strived to achieve excellence in the R&D and manufacture of digital cameras. At one point, Altek Corporation became one of the world’s top DSC ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) in the world.

In the recent years, Altek expanded into the smartphone imaging, medical Imaging, autotronic Imaging, and other new businesses. Over the years, Altek demonstrated its ability as an entrepreneurial solution provider for various imaging technologies.

Altek Corporation’s Headquarter is located in Hsinchu Science Park (Taiwan), with its Research & Development Center in Taipei / Neihu (Taiwan) and a branch office in Los Angeles, United States. Altek Corporation has a total of NT$2.739 billion in capital. Approval was secured in 2000 to open a global production center in Kunshan, near Shanghai, China. In order to expand manufacturing capability due to increasing orders in the fields of smartphone imaging technology, autotronic technology, medical technology and emerging imaging solutions, Altek set up a second factory in Kunshan in 2011.

Core Technologies

Altek Corporation is focused on using our core technology to develop consumer imaging technology and mobile technology, autotronic technology, and medical imaging solutions related products. We also make it our goal to apply our core technology to other professional fields in the future.

Core Technologies
Image solution IC
‧ For consumer, mobility and profession markets
‧ From High-end to entry level

Imaging Processing Technologies
‧ Viewing:Top-line image/video quality
‧ Sensing:Intelligence imaging processing

‧ High optical quality for DSLR/professional market
‧ Flexible design solution for multi-market segments
‧ Cost effective design

Medical Imaging Solution

Since 2008, Altek started research and development of medical-related imaging solution products. As a result, Altek released its first glucometer product in 2011. A milestone in Altek product development, these products signal the start of a strategic initiative to integrate more functions into digital imaging products; delivering practical, useful products to customers and transforming Altek into a market-oriented solutions provider.