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Thundersoft is a world leading Smart Device Platform Technology Provider to create enduring value for our customers that helps OEM customers enhance product differentiation and accelerate time to market by providing leading technologies, products and services.

As a specialist in the mobile OS segment, Thundersoft has established close cooperation with leading companies in the mobile supply chain, from chipset and hardware component vendors to OEMs, carriers and application developers. Thundersoft leverages those deep connections to deliver our customers world class solutions.


With headquarters in Beijing, Thundersoft operates seven R&D centers across Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu,Hangzhou, XiAn,Shenyang and Dalian; and seven support centers across Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei and the US. Thundersoft has built global partnerships, and can provide native language support in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

What we do

Thundersoft has gathered extensive experience in Android / Windows Phone / Firefox OS system and application development, which cover BSP, OS kernel, driver, framework, protocol stack, multi-media, application, carrier certification, tools and security technology.



Thundersoft not only offers Mobile OS technology and service, but also plays an important role in global smart device eco-system. Working closely with all segments across industry chain, Thundersoft keeps continuous investment on differentiation technology of smart devices.


For Smartphone


Smartdroid is, based on smart phone platform, and the latest Android version, provides from integration of kernel, optimized framework, operator certification, security enhancements, the new user interface, as well as important applications. OEM customers can reduce the tasks of smartphone OS development, debugging, and speed up the shipment of products, also improve the end product experience by using SmartDroid this set of complete solutions.


Thundersoft has many years of experiences in Android Smartphone software. All levels of technology compentences are buit up continuously from the beginning of first generation of Android smartphones. Through the development of 3 generations of Smartdroid products, Thundersoft has helped numerous of domestic and global mobile phone makers to develop dozens of smart phone products.

Through SmartDroid, 1000+ original bugs of original Android are fixed, while meeting China's security certification standards of CTA and CTS, while by integrating core technologies of small Android memory, fast boot, SmartDroid has become a capable commercial software solution.

Extensive hardware support

SmartDroid is deeply customized on Qualcomm, and Spreadtrum platform, capable of supporting from 8 core high-end SoC to the low end of the platform. Smartdroid also supports the latest CDMA2000 and TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE,TD-SCDMA,WCDMA multiple protocols and software customization for DSDA(Dual SIM Dual Standby).

Thundersoft & Qualcomm build up IHV( Indenpent Hardware Vendor) Lab, providing powerful component basis for SmartDroid, which covers pre-test and driver optimization for hundreds of components including Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, Audio, Touch Panel

Firefox OS


Firefox OS(referred as “FFOS”) is a new generation of open mobile OS platform developed by Mozilla. The core concept is to build user accessible web based applications, and enable all these applications to use advanced HTML5 technology and hardware device interface, to directly access hardware devices like smartphone through JavaScript.

Firefox Solution

Thundersoft Firefox solution is flexible for different types of smart hardware devices. This solution is optimized and customized based on FFOS V1.3 & 2.0, by fixing hundreds of original bugs. Smooth and user friend experience is generated by greatly improved system stability and operational efficiencies. In addition, the original applications are also customizable for different resolution and screen size, by adding product functions to meet user’s operating habits and aesthetic experiences. Thundersoft Firefox solution can support many customers and has been succeed on multiple products lines such as Smartphone, TV Dongle, Smart TV

For Tablet


Tablet Solution is an enhanced OS software product customized for the latest version of Android. It has made improvements in more than 100 features and is able to fully support Intel, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum and other hardware platforms. By matching all OS-related products and technologies of Thundersoft, it can help you achieve the most user-friendly Android tablet. Tablet Solution improves and optimizes its functions based on the characteristics of tablet devices. Its lock screen, desktop, photo album, camera, multi-window and other applications and technologies are all totally innovatively designed for the big screen and the handheld. In addition, Tablet Solution integrates the system’s underlying security, MDM, FOTA and other enterprise-class software solutions and is the Android tablet system perfectly suitable for business users.

Turnkey Tablet Solutions

Thundersoft delivers one of the worlds leading turnkey tablet solutions, from PCB design to enhanced Android OS and applications. Our products, technologies and experience enables us to produce a uniquely differentiated product based on customer specifications in the shortest amount of time. With a range of capabilities, including WiFi and LTE connected PCBA platforms, enhanced UX, camera, multi-window support, security, MDM, FOTA and more, Thundersoft's extensible and customizable solutions are the perfect option for differentiated consumer, enterprise and industrial tablet applications.

  • Support for both x86 and ARM platforms
  • Connectivity options including WiFi and TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/3G
  • Multiple OS options, including Android, Windows and FireFox OS
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Differentiating features, including multi-window support, advanced camera functions and more
  • Enhanced and enterprise ready features including security, MDM, FOTA and more
  • Extensive customization services from hardware to software


Leading LTE Tablet Design

  • Featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 processor
  • High-performance, low-power consumption mobile computing with quad-core and 64-bit capabilities and the latest Android™ mobile operating system
  • Stunning multimedia and graphics with the Adreno™ 306 GPU
  • Integrated 4G LTE World Mode modem with CAT4 speeds of up to 150 Mbps for seamless communications virtually anytime, anywhere
  • Qualcomm® Quick Charge 1.0 for less time charging, more time doing



Smart TV


Smart TV brings rich internet content and applications, while there are still problems in man-machine interface and OEM's OS integration. All these issues restrain the market capacity.TVDroid is an Android-based optimized OS solution for smart TV, which redesigns and enhances interface/software function/man-machine interface of original Android OS, targeting at character like big screen/remote controller/TV function of household TV.

Humanized User Experience

  • Dynamic Man-machine Interactive Interface

Thundersoft's engine optimization technology effectively enhances fluency of the interface. Users just need to press couple of remote controller buttons to control the whole system. And the interface effect is more humanized with smooth animation. TVDroid is also compatible to original Android style of interactive.

  • Multi-windows Display

Different from original Android's single window display, TVDroid allows multiple windows display in dual-view, cascade, docking, PIP modes on one screen.

  • Fast Boot

The unique fast boot technology enables TV to start within 10 seconds. Here comes happiness, no more waiting.

  • Multi-screen Technology

TVDroid supports DLNA and Miracast. No USB memory any more to play content from phone or PC to your smart TV.

For Camera

Camera Solution


Demand for high quality imaging accompanied by easy to use applications has never been higher. To address this demand, Thundersoft has developed a range of expertise, technology and product spanning sensor module tuning to complex algorithm development. These technologies can be employed individually within a 3rd party end solution, enabling efficient design and fast time to market, or assembled into a turnkey solution to match customer specifications. Technologies and products include image recognition, image processing and visual interaction.

Face/Gesture recognition


Smart beauty


Image enhancement


Text enhancement


Smart cut


Video stabilizer


Realtime filters


Best photo


Camera App SDK

Now, camera/image app developers can enhance your apps by UCam SDK.

  • Face recognition: Face tracking, Facial feature points location, Gender recognition and V gesture recognition.
  • Smart Beauty: Face beauty, face sharp, eyes beauty, keep facial details, make the effect natural.
  • Video Stabilization: Removing unwanted shaky motion from videos,asuming that camera has a constant or smooth motion.
  • SmartCut: Fast and accurate cutout any part from the image with simple operation.
  • Image enhancement: Smart analysis of picture content, target for improvement of image visual effect.
  • Real-Time Filters: Auto quick real-time preview of picture effects after filter effects treatment.

Integration, driver development and optimization services

With experienced Qualcomm platform engineer team, and cooperation with world leading camera module providers.Thundersoft provides system level image algorithm which bring more smarter and powerful camera features for smart device manufactures.

Mobile Device Management


ThunderMDM supports control of large batches of Android and iOS mobile devices. It realizes device life-cycle management via six core functions – client APP, device registration, user management, policy management, statistical analysis and compliance management.

ThunderAPP Mobile Application Platform (ThunderAPP) is adopting industry leading cloud based consistent client mobile APP platform, using JavaScript & HTML5 language and consistent API standard across platforms (iOS/Android/WEB). it utilizes cloud based collaborative technology to develop, test, release, manage and operate full life cycle of mobile APP. ThunderApp uses its own patented core engine technology. With only one-time coding, it can deploy apps to different mobile intelligent terminals, making the apps adapt to different screen sizes, different screen resolutions, different operating systems and different operating system versions.

ThunderSEC Solution


ThunderSEC is a smart terminal security solution for security protection and function increase of the Android operating system. Based on security hardware protection, the program adopts advanced OS protection technology and provides safe protection measures from hardware, OS and application layers to ensure terminal security. It provides security isolation and protection of enterprise applications and data on terminals, and creatively uses safe domain isolation technology to provide security protection capabilities for enterprise applications and data. To strengthen control on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other peripherals, the system provides secure API which allows software to disable or enable these devices. Integrating ThunderMDM, it allows flexible and efficient remote management of terminals.

The solution features clear modules and ease of integration. It has been used successfully on TCL, Coolpad, Lenovo, Foxconn and Eben terminals, significantly improving terminal security. An independent enterprise secure office area protects enterprise applications and data, effectively resolving the security problem of enterprise mobile office.