James Tan
James Tan
Project Director at Dongguan Saiding electronics technology co.,ltd
Dogguan, China
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Dongguan Saiding Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China mold electronic town - Dongguan Town, Changan.

The company was founded in 2005, has been 12 years, from the mold, injection started development now include: product design, mold, injection molding, surface treatment, screen printing, assembly of finished products, professional electronic components, mobile phone accessories (shell / set) and intelligent electronic products manufacturing.

Scope of business: ODM, OEM, professional engineering and technical cooperation,it is the best coporrator for smart consumer electronics .

Main product categories: consumer electronics, smart furniture, smart wear, automotive electronics, health electronics, robots and other electronical products.

Sai Ding electronics is a project manufacturing enterprise, project lead the introduction of new products into production, according to the product categories and difficult analysis, it is divided into different functions of the project team.

Staff: 6 molding design engineers,4v demolition Figures ;4 parts processing masters, 22 technicians, two shifts.

Equipment: mold processing sparks machines , high-speed engraving and milling machine , CNC , milling machine , surface grinder.

Capacity: Monthly mold capacity : 26 sets (medium-sized mold)



Personnel: 8 technicians, 67 operators, two shifts.

Equipment: Ha Gang factory 16 injection molding machine, Xiamen edge factory 30 injection molding machine, tonnage has 100T, 120T, 160T, 200T, 250T.

Process: monochrome, two-color injection molding.

Capacity: 200K / month.



Surface treatment of plastic parts:

Line: ordinary fuel injection; dust-free automatic injection line ; UV line ; silk screen line.

The process can realize complex spraying, such as drops of paint, PU paint, optical, Matt UV, and good equipment state precision equipment, we can guarantee 24 hours of operation, to provide customers with efficient, accurate, stable quality of product demand



SMT patch capability:

Cooperate with the factory with 4 automatic patch line, support the production of 0201 parts process.

It provides one-stop comprehensive SMT production services, ranging from design support, component purchasing, SMT assembly, testing, packaging, etc.. The tripod is closely bound up with the cooperative factory, and any customer can receive quick response and flexible cooperation.