Jacob Gleason
Jacob Gleason
Owner / Founder at Crowdbridge, LLC
Tampa, United States
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Crowdbridge, LLC is a full service crowdfunding consultancy and education business with an emphasis upon providing clients with the full spectrum of services necessary to succeed in crowdfunding and beyond.

What differentiates Crowdbridge from any other business in this space in the robust business intelligence, internet marketing and international business experience we apply for the benefit of our clients.

What We offer


Our services are all designed with one thing in mind - a successful outcome of our clients' campaigns. This may sound simple but in reality it's not, because successful outcomes are about more than just numeric campaign goals, they are quite often about broader business initiatives, like securing VC or angel funding post-campaign, getting products delivered in a timely fashion to pledges/backers, building a durable marketing edifice online and managing buyer expectations.
There is a lot more at stake in a crowdfunding campaign than simply raising money, there is the broader issue of brand management and our clients' businesses on the whole. We understand this, because we have launched, run, owned, operated and sold businesses before and in everything we do as a consultancy and service provider we bring this experience to bare for our clients.


Whether your product is a small handbag, a new type of solar panel or a motor vehicle, it needs to get noticed to gain the traffic necessary to get you funded.

We help campaigns large and small by tapping into our database of more than 50,000 reporters and news venues and submitting press releases and articles about our clients campaigns and products.

This translates into widespread syndication of the campaigns message. This means traffic coming to the campaign from outside sources already has a good understanding of what the product is, what it does and is more easily converted into backers.
Campaigns that also have good press are viewed as much more credible by their broader audience, meaning higher value pledges, more backers and a better outcome.

Beyond the basic press release writing and dissemination we also help campaigns by getting their prototypes into the hands of key, influential bloggers, writers and professional reporters.
By getting your product reviewed by both influential bloggers and the mainstream press your campaigns credibility will soar and with that your ability to reach a wider audience will as well.
With a wider audience who believes in your product will come more backers and translate into a greatly increased campaign.


A big part of what we do as a company is to treat crowdfunding a piece of a much larger business puzzle that must be solved for each of our clients. Crowdfunding is designed to bring your business the necessary funds to get it off the ground but if you are like most, you have long term goals for your company and we can help you achieve them.

We work with our clients in several key areas that, while important to crowdfunding, are also important to their businesses on whole:

  • Finding a prototype developer and getting prototypes manufactured
  • Finding the lowest cost, highest quality manufacturer for their products
  • Building durable business infrastructure - IT systems, Marketing systems & Telecommuted Workforces
  • Entering the retail channels for volume sales
  • Development of product demonstrations & pitch materials for their salesforce
  • White label/Private label distribution

If you are like most of our clients, you understand that all of these areas are of critical importance to the longterm viability of your company and money alone will not solve these dilemmas - you need expertise. We help to fill the gap by providing our clients with the necessary material aid and help to meet these challenges and become successful.