Jacky Wang
Jacky Wang
Sales Director at Shenzhen K&D Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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K&D Optoelectronics Co., Ltd (K&D), founded in 2006, is a fully owned subsidiary of K&D Technology Group LTD, it is a high-tech enterprise covering R&D, manufacturing marketing and state-of-the-art production facilities that occupy over 3800 square meters of which over 1300 square meters is allocated to cleanrooms. K&D is established in Shenzhen and directed towards the world, and has achieved continuous development on technology and quality with the supports and attentions of governments at all levels and private enterprises.

K&D has also explored and adapted scientific and efficient management systems, created a distinct and unique enterprise culture with openness and tolerances, and formed an elite team consisting of excellent staff in research, manufacturing, sales, service and other aspects. K&D achieved groundbreaking development in technical innovation, manufacturing, market development, technical service and other aspects.

K&D has invested great efforts in R&D on TFT-LCM, especially in its application of consumable and industrial products. The sizes of LCM include 3.5", 3.51", 4.3", 4-, 5-, 7", 8"and 11.6". And among them the 4:3", 5" and 10.1"LCM has achieved the leading level of the industry, and mainly applied to GPS, vehicle-applications, mobile TV, PMP, DVD, MID, Tablet, E-book, EPC and industrial products, and we provide powerful and reliable support on supplies and qualities.

K&D is cooperating with famous foreign companies on research and developments and will bring out the series products of industrial control LCD display. Also, K&D explores the overseas market, and builds up a long-term relationship with our oversea partners and agents with the future aim to place K&D products all around the world. Since 2011, K&D have increased efforts on developing 3D TFT and capacitive Touch Panel as well. As our slogan goes: K&D - leading the vision world.

K&D is the executive member of Shenzhen flat panel display trade association and Guangdong High-tech industry association. K&D is honored "The National High Industrialization Display Tech Demonstration Company in 2009. All products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9000 certificates.

For the future, K&D will devote itself to create a high-tech liquid crystal enterprise with global influences and diversification in both businesses and markets, and build a significant LCD brand with global competences.


Research & Development Profile:

K&D owns its own R&D centre and strong research team, which develop industry-leading new products based on energy saving and environmental-friendly design concepts. New products and application under planning include industrial products, capacitive TP, E-book, HD and Highlight products.

Production Line

K&D adopts full-automation COG production line of Toray and Panasonic and mainly produces 3.5-13.1"TFT-LCD. K&Downs 3800M2 and 1300M2 class-1000 clean workshop. The quality of products has achieved domestic advanced level and the same level with international products, and the daily production has reached up to 50K.


LCD Module for Mobile phone


LCD Module for Consumer Electronic


Capacitance / Electromagnetic / Resistive touch panel.


3D LCD Module