Jack Yu
Jack Yu
Sales Engineer at CPST
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: CPST
Personal Link: http://cpstlab.com/

CPST is a "Safe World" of the world-leading inspection, identification, testing and certification bodies, with world-class service and leading technology enjoys a good reputation all over the world. CPST detecting in industrial products, consumer products, trade protection, life science and expert guidance, and other fields to provide the harmful material detection, safety testing, EMC, environmental safety, electrical and electronic product reliability and failure analysis, material reliability and failure analysis, material composition analysis and material identification, textiles, clothing and footwear, leather, all kinds of toy products, motor vehicle and its components, food, medicine, cosmetic, feed and food packaging and contact materials, inspection, factory inspection, audit and compliance services, calibration and equipment maintenance, certification and training, the semiconductor and related fields, application software development and testing of a number of integrated services, for a number of industries and enterprises to provide "one-stop" work style of a complete set of solutions. CPST as comprehensive, professional and international verification institutions, relying on advanced technology and excellent service concept, solved many problems for the majority of enterprises, won the majority of customers and the community's recognition and trust! Our vision Become the world of "Safe World" global best partner! Our mission Our experts with their knowledge, experience and professional technology continuously to explore "safe world" in the reliable solution to the state and control to ensure that we will have a bright future together. Our core values Honesty, integrity, trust, professional, customer first, enjoyable work, employees and businesses grow together.

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