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Shenzhen Jiubaba Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB R&D and assembly service provider, focuses on providing high-quality and fast-delivery manufacturing service for low-volume electronics boards (reference design boards, evaluation boards, functional validation board, demo boards, prototyping boards and pilot-running production board), provides totally turn-key electronics manufacturing service including R&D design, PCB-Layout, PCB fabrication, parts procurement, PCB assembly, testing, kitting, packaging and shipping. Our manufacturing plant is located in Futian District, Shenzhen China, all the manufacturing processes for customer’s products are done here, the components we purchased are of high quality from original manufacturers or famous international suppliers in retail market, meet all industry standards and the highest requirements from customers in Europe and American. Our flexible production mode can meet your needs of fast delivery for prototyping and low-volume boards, we have a complete and excellent quality assurance program, and commit a lifetime warranty. Most of our customers are from Europe and American, including world-class companies and leading semiconductor manufacturers. With Jiubaba, they experience the superior service and reliable, fast production cycle, first-class quality and fair price. In fact, our overall prices are significantly lower than other competitor, working with us will allow you to save significant cost. PCB ASSEMBLY INFORMATION We require the following files for every PCB assembly order: 1) Cad generated assembly BOM list (or .xls spreadsheet). The BOM needs reference designators, value, package/decal, description, and partnumber. 2) Cad generated component location XYRS file-also called the parts position/rotation file or the machine pick-n-place file. Each CAD system will generate this if requested. We place all SMT components by machine for all prototype orders. 3) Board X,Y, 0,0 reference designators; Board Fiducial Marks are appreciated but not required. 4) Cad generated Gerber files for Top/Bottom Copper, Silkscreen, and Solderpaste. (We don't need the soldermask file, but its okay to include in the zip file)


PCB Assembly Services

988 Assembly offers full Turn-Key and partial Turn-Key PCB Assembly Services. For full Turn-Key, we handle everything including making PCBs, sourcing components, online order tracking, quality inspection and final assembly. For partial Turn-Key, you can order the PCBs or/and partial components, 988 will fix the remaining parts for you.

How to get a quotation for Turn-Key PCB assembly Services?

Send your BOM files (Bill of Materials) and Gerber files to sales@988pcba.com, we will email you the quotation in 48 hours. BOM must include the quantities, reference designators,and manufacturer name and manufacturer part number. Gerbers must include the PCB requirements.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low volume PCB Assembly means a small quantity of PCB assemblies for DFM and DFT. 988 offers turn-key PCB assembly service in low volume including PCB fabrication, parts sourcing and final assembly.

Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) should be considered in low volume board assembly. We will review your documentation for any possible like engineering concerns in your Gerber files, BOMs, assembly drawings and circuit diagrams. As a turn-key solution provider, 988 will handle to control your PCBs to lower cost and facilitate the assembly process. We will recommend a solder mask opening to get a high yield rate while preventing solder bridging. We will also check your BOM files against your PCB files and seek confirmation from you before we order parts carefully. It avoids wasting your money and delaying delivery time.

Similarly, Design-for-Testing (DFT) should be happened in your circuit design project, even for low volume assembly. Various models, fixture styles and tester limitation notes are available to support you. You will get our professional guidelines on how to distribute the test points on the PCBs after checking your test procedure. We always do as your test requirements by following your troubleshooting guidelines, diagnostic tests, and associated documentation to make your boards fully tested.

We have various ways to get your low volume assembly project without risk. In our turn-key service, all the PCBs must have the electrically test. Some assembled PCBs could be sent to you for testing before producing the rest. X-ray inspection is available to check BGA and leadless part for ensuring assembly quality. We could solve any possible assembly issues before shipment.

We take reducing cost seriously for low volume orders. NRE and stencil charges will be waived for repeat orders. We reduce your per-part cost by shopping each part number with the major distributors and choosing quantities to get the lowest per-part price. We have built close relationships with major suppliers and others to keep parts sourcing cost competitive without sacrificing quality. We ensure that you will get the best combination of PCB turn-key service quality, price and delivery time.

How to get an exact quotation before placing your order:

To get a low volume PCB assembly quote, send the following to: sales@988pcba.com.

BOM files with detailed info. better to provide the part number for each component

Gerber files with PCB requirements

Quantities to build

Prototype PCB Assembly

Prototype PCB Assembly is our specialty. With our professional soldering teams, SMT process engineers and parts procurement specialists, we are able to provide an affordable highly flexible assembly process with fast delivery.

We are able to handle prototype assembly quantities from 1 to 300 boards. With this services, you could get complex designs built for testing without worrying about assembly workmanship. Our prototype assembly area has a unique layout design that allows flexible mixing of automated and manual part loading stations. It is easy for us to handle the fine pitch components and BGAs needed for high density FR-4 boards.

Turn-Key PCB assembly is our core business, even in the prototype stage. With our expertise and resources we are able to do everything for you from PCB prototyping, component sourcing and PCB assembly. We could also assemble from kitted parts if you prefer.

Avoid the dilemma of sourcing parts and focus on your design instead. Our procurement teams will deal with as many as component distributorsis so that we could get a nice price for you ! We will optimize the choices of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, etc.) versus quantity in smaller BOMs to reduce amount cost. We are able to cross reference parts including the uncommon ones and obsolete items. We always source the part numbers and manufacturers specified in your BOM files, so there will be no danger of part quality issues caused by substitutions. We never change your design without your confirmation.

The total Turn-Key price will be the sum of the labour assembly cost, bare PCB cost and components cost.The component prices will be our cost from Digi-Key, Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Future, Newark or a specified distributor plus a handling fee.

We understand on-time delivery is very important. PCB fabrication is started as soon as parts procurement is processed. We will review Engineering questions and component issues with you before the assembly job is started. The Turn-Key PCB assembly usually takes 2-4 weeks, and it will be less time if there is no uncommon part or documentation errors.

How to get an exact quote before placing your order:

To get a prototype assembly quote, just send the following files to sales@988pcba.com.

BOM files with detailed info. better to provide a part number for each one

Gerber files with PCB requirements

Quantities to build

BGA Assembly

BGA (Ball Grid Array) Assembly Services with X-ray Inspection

988 is able to provide BGA assembly, BGA rework and BGA Reballing services and have a 6-year experience. With the advanced BGA placement equipment, standard BGA assembly processes and X-ray test equipment, you could get high quality BGA boards from us.

BGA Assembly Capability

988 has rich experience in handling all types of BGAs from micro BGAs (ball pitch 0.3mm) to large size BGAs (ball pitch 0.8mm), and from ceramic BGAs to plastic BGAs.

BGA Assembly Process/Thermal profiles

Thermal profile is the most importance one in the BGA assembly process. Our SMT engineers will carefully review your PCB files and the BGAs datasheets to make a best thermal profile for your BGA assembly. We will take the BGA size, BGA ball material composition (leaded or lead-free) into consideration to make effective thermal profiles. When the BGA physical size is large, we will optimize the thermal profile to localize the heating on the internal BGA. Or it will cause a void. 988 follows the IPC Class II to control the void under 25% of total solder ball diameter. Lead-free BGA will go through a specialized lead-free thermal profile to avoid open ball problems resulting from the lower temperature. On the other hand, leaded BGA will take a specialized leaded process, to avoid the higher temperatures from causing pin-short.

When we receive your Turn-Key order, we will check your PCB design for BGA combined with DFM (Design for manufacturability) review, including checking the circuit board material, surface finish, maximum warpage requirement and solder mask clearance.

BGA soldering, BGA Rework & Reballing

You may have only a few BGAs or fine pitch parts on the PCBs for R&D prototypes. 988 could help -- we are able to provide a BGA soldering service for testing and evaluation purposes. Additionally, we can support you for BGA rework and BGA reballing with a nice price. We follow five basic steps to carry out BGA rework:

1. Components removal

2. Site preparation

3. Solder paste application

4. BGA replacement

5. Reflow process

You will get a 100% quality assurance for the BGA rework.

BGA Assembly X-Ray Inspection

988 will use an X-Ray machine to detect various defects which might happen during the BGA assembly. With the help of X-ray inspection, we could eliminate soldering problems on the board.

send your requirement to: sales@988pcba.com

PCB Design & Layout

988 Electronics provides PCB design services for various engineering groups with a focus on design for fabrication and design for prototypes.

Capabilities & Services

Schematic capture, bill of materials (BOM files) confirmation

Board artwork, SMT solder paste stencil artwork, CAM data confirmation

Assembly drawings, fabrication drawings confirmation

Multi-layer boards, split ground planes, differential pairs, high speed rules

Routing per trace/space, keep-out, and clearance rules confirmed by customer

Component resequencing based on physical layout, reverse annotation to schematic

DFT audit, test point placement, test probe clearance per customer rules, testability report

Documentation & Deliverables

Schematic drawings, bill of materials (BOM files)

Circuit board foil layers, solder mask layers, overlay screening layers

Fabrication drawing, assembly drawings, fabrication panel drawings

SMT stencil artwork, CAM pick&place files

PDF files with all drawings for electronic documentation

Gerber files, text & Excel files

CAD database files

CAD System

988 Assembly uses Protel for schematic capture & PCB design, and also supports OrCAD for schematic capture. Net list data from other CAD systems can also be used. We can import AutoCAD drawings to capture mechanical constraints for board layout as well as export mechanical data.

Send your requirements to: sales@988pcba.com

PCB Fabrication

988 Assembly has builded a close relationship with lots of PCB manufacturer.

988 Assembly offers PCB fabrication, providing high quality and affordable price of PCBs. No matter it is a small batch for prototypes or large volume production, 988 Assembly is able to meet your PCB fabrication requirement in a variety of materials and technologies. We could provide single, double and multi-layer PCBs in different kinds of requirements.

PCB Specifications

Maximum size: 550mm * 460mm

Maximum Layers: 30

Copper Thickness: 0.5 oz to 5.0 oz

Minimum Line Width: 3 mil

Minimum Line spacing: 3 mil

Smallest Hole: 0.15mm

Blind, Buried and plugged Vias

Controlled impedance


Thickness: 0.4mm to 3mm


High TG FR-4


Aluminum Base


Specialized material per your request

Solder Mask

LPI: Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue etc.

Peelable Mask

Final Finishes



Selective Gold Plating

Hard and Soft Gold

Immersion Gold

Immersion Silver

Immersion Tin




Other colors meet your request

Inspection Methods

100% Visual inspection or AOI

Electrical testing - Flying probe or Nails Bed

Sample lot inspection

Cross sectioning


Rush: 48 Hours

Standard Prototype: 7-15 days

Standard Production: 15-30 days

Send your requirements to: sales@988pcba.com

PCB Assembly Components Sourcing

988 has a completed, effective parts sourcing system for small batch PCB assembly. A dedicated team services in your PCBs and parts sourcing and management. Only the specified parts are purchased for each of your assembly projects. A very effective, non error electronic components sourcing process will be started. 988 control all material logistics, and handle the sourcing systems. With 988, your company could focus on its own business.

988 uses only the best quality parts from well-known brand suppliers or manufacturers. Parts will be only sourced from your authorized suppliers or manufacturers. 988 has builded strong relationships with all the major electronic parts distributors contain Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Avnet, Arrow Electronics, Newark, Farnell, Future Electronics and so on. You are assured of maximum value for your sourcing budget. There is no substitutions will be made without your confirmation.

Solve sourcing problems is one of our specialties. 988 will try our best to help finding the ones which is difficult to looking for. Substitutions will save your budget, if possible, this could be carryed out with your confirmation. 988 has its own different global IC sources. ICs made in Korea, Japan, mainland, Taiwan and other Asian regions could be sourced easily. Summary, some long lead time or other difficult to looking for ones will be sourced for you, if any source could be found in our widely supplier network.

988's standard sourcing cycle will be 1 to 2 weeks. 988 also charges the lowest operating fee in the projects. Use the latest bar code technology and our widely supplier network, helps us easy to find out the stock information. All parts arrived at our company need to pass through the quality checks. For some parts, they also need to have a electrical characteristic analysis.

Send your requirements to: sales@988pcba.com


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