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Jack Lu
Sales Manager at SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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SIMCom Wireless Solutions is global leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless modules and solutions supplier, Since established in 2002, SIMCom Wireless Solutions has been fully committed to provide a variety of wireless technology platform modules and terminal level solutions around the world, such as GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+, CDMA 1xRTT/EV-DO, FDD/TDD-LTE cellular communication and GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU satellite positioning technology. According to latest M2M reports issued by well-known market research firm ABI Research in US, the M2M module shipments of SIMCom Wireless Solutions ranked the FIRST place in the world in 2015. With great concentration cultivation in wireless communication field over the past teens years, SIMCom always keeps its commitments “market-oriented, talent-based, innovation-driven and quality-guaranteed” and continuously ships high performance wireless modules and terminals to our partners and customers world-wide every year. About 80% staffs of SIMCom possess rich research and development engineering experiences; and the company has more than 1,500 wireless technology patents. On account of excellent wireless product development techniques, the products of SIMCom Wireless gain widespread attentions in the world communication industry. Moreover, the wireless modules of SIMCom have been certificated by over 100 agencies like CE, FCC, GCF, PTCRB and other more than 30 communication carriers globally.

The headquarter of SIMCom Wireless Solutions is located in Shanghai City, China. The product distribution sales and on-site technical support network is across six continents all over the world. SIMCom can provide one-stop TIP services, highest cost performance and innovative wireless solutions to global customers in order to save cost and expedite the time to market by virtue of its remarkable R&D, superior product and perfect channels. Besides the complete wireless module portfolio, SIMCom also provide professional customized ODM services including smart metering, fleet management, track and trace, remote medical, safety protection, industrial monitoring application segments.

SIMCom Wireless Solutions has been consistently adhering to the principle of “smart machine, smart decision” for the world M2M industry, sustaining innovation, improving our services, and aspiring to be most solid and reliable M2M cooperation partner with global Internet-Of-Things customers.









CDMA 1X/EV-DO Module


LTE Module


GPS Module






GNSS Module with Antenna




GPS tracker, which is integrated with GPS module and GSM/GPRS/3G cellular communication module, can realize the accurate position, real-time tracking, remote monitoring, anti-theft and anti-robbery for the remote target utilizing GPS satellite positioning and cellular mobile network. In general, the GPS tracker has durable, small size, fashionable appearance, and high position accuracy characteristics. The supervisor can inquire the target location via mobile phone, Internet, PDA at all times and places; meanwhile track the target moving direction and listen the sound around 5-15 meters. Regardless of the target in the room or in the basement, the track of target can be precisely positioned using GPS tracker.

GPS tracker can be applied to monitor the whereabouts of child and the aged, highway patrol, valuable cargo tracking, trace and service dispatch, private detective, personal belongings tracking, pets tracking, wild animal tracking, freight transport, vehicle anti-theft, motorcycle anti-theft, cash truck tracking, military exercise control, official car management, etc.




Data Terminal Units (DTU) is a kind of Internet-of-Things wireless data terminal, which utilizes public operator GPRS/3G/LTE networks and GPS/GLONASS satellite for long-range wireless data transmission and positioning. Ordinarily, DTU is embedded with high performance industrial level 8/16/32 bit processor and wireless modules, installed with real-time operating system as software supporting platform, and interconnected with RS232/485 interfaces with peripheral equipment for data transparent transmission.

DTU can be extensively used in Internet-of-Things(IOT) industry, such as vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, tiny wireless network, smart metering, access control system, messenger call, industrial data collection system, financial system, mobile POS terminals, wireless labels, identification system, contactless RF card system, tiny wireless



Routing/gateway device

SIMCom Wireless Solutions has developed respective reference design R500 and R700 for industrial 3G module SIM5360E and FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE module SIM7100C. Customer can take advantage of these reference designs to easily build up stable, high-speed 3G/4G wireless network for long-range data transmission.

R500 reference design, based on embedded RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) supporting software platform, adopts high performance industrial telecommunication processor, integrates with all series communication protocols from logic link layer to application layer, supports VPN (PPTP, L2TP, VPN, IPSEC&GRE), DHCP Server & Client, DDNS, firewall, DMZ Host. R500 can be used in Smart Home, Financial System, Intelligent Transportation, Surveillance, Environmental Protection, Industrial, Water Utilities, Mining, Military applications etc.

R700 reference design can be linked with 2.5G/3G/3.5G/4G cellular network, and simultaneously connected with serial device, Ethernet equipment and Wi-Fi device through one RS232/RS485, one LAN and 1 Wi-Fi interface reserved on R700 to realize the routing function and transparent data transmission. R700 can be extensively applied in Finance, Transportation, Surveillance, Water Utilities, Environmental Protection, Electrical Utilities, Postal Service, Weather, mobile IOT and other telecommunication industries.



ODM Business

SIMCom Wireless Solutions is capable of overall complete and dominate ODM services including research and development, quality guarantee, manufacture, delivery etc.

Advantage One: more than ten years rich R&D experiences in Qualcomm and MTK platforms

SIMCom Wireless Solutions ODM team have over 200 hardware, software, MD/ID engineers who have extensive M2M industrial terminal R&D experiences and remote collaborate development engineering services experiences for our customers located in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Shenzhen of China.

Advantage Two: Shortest R&D cycle

For the sake of saving the time to market for our customer, the ODM services are arranged as projects activities from mainboard design to complex terminal assembly. SIMCom can participate in the product prototype design at the beginning of development cycle, provide the turn-key solution or application solution or technical support, and wield the advantage product cycle management platform with fast development and manufacturing services to ensure the shortest R&D cycle from sample to mass production within the schedule customer required. The timing, quality, design cost of ODM projects obtained the best cost-effective control.

Advantage Three: Pass the most harsh quality standard of operators in the world

SIMCom formulate the “customer-oriented” quality control principle – care for people, scientific management, excellence seeking, customer satisfaction, harmony, health, continuity, and law-abiding. The perfect Quality Management System (ISO9001, TS16949), Environmental Management System (ISO14001, ROHS), Occupation Health Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001) have been well established yet in SIMCom. And the company had been already certificated and on-site audited by third-party SGS Certificate Authority and other domestic and oversea customers and operators.

Advantage Four: Strong delivery ability up to 1KK unit shipments for one month

SIMCom has abundant wireless module, PCBA, mobile phone and tablet manufacturing experiences with two self-owned factories in Shanghai and Shenyang. The factories of SIMCom are equipped with advanced fabrication facilities, roboticized testing system, sound engineering support and strict quality control system, complete Shop Flow system. The manufacturing capacity and efficiency have always been praised positively by domestic and oversea customers. Complying with M2M market booming requirements, SIMCom wireless solutions has been improving our procurement, fabrication, engineering and quality control abilities, rapidly expanding the production capacity to meet the flexible delivery schedule and services from our global customers.