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Jack Gan
Sales Manager at Soway Tech Limited
Shenzhen, China
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Make life better with an accurate measurement. A product of Soway means a solution. A solution of Soway means a team. This is Soway, a leader in the field of displacement and level measurement. welcome to Soway Soway信为, oriented from the Chinese words for credibility(信) and achievement(为), is given by our everlasting creed. Since the foundation of 2002, we have been committing ourselves to providing all-in-one solutions in the field of displacement and level measurement. Considering the expertise needed in displacement and level measurement, we provide a special-care plan within the lifespan of our products. Which is, Ø No more complicated, just tell us what you request, our R&D team will offer a customized solution. Ø No more difficult, we design, select and troubleshoot for you. Ø No more concerned, we closely supervise our manufacturing process to ensure reliable products and high-standard workmanship. In cooperation with Nanjing University of Science& Technology, we build a most professional R&D team. With a more than 20-year experience right in this industry, and a manufacture base of more than 3300 square meter, EMERSON and us have been strategic partners in the area of process control. We believe benefiting our customers is the most significant. Cost-effective and professional service make us develop commonly. We will always be your trusted partner.


LVDT linear position sensor


Ultrahigh linearity and repeatability

Long service life at least 5 million times, one year warranty

Totally design and manufacture by SOWAY

Application: Thickness detecting for Glass , Phone's shell etc., Gap distance detecting and other high accuracy linear positon detecting required;

Magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor


Linearity: better than +/- 0.05% F.S; Repeatability: 0.002% F.S; Non-contact operating; Applied to hydraulic cylinders and machine manufacturing; Analog output and Digital output (RS485 \ RS232), optional;

Proximity switch


This square magnetic switch, manufactured by Soway, is a proximity switch that has an N.O. and an N.C. contact form and an IP65 protection class. It has a maximum switching voltage of 250 V, a maximum switching current of 3.0 A and a maximum switching power of 100/100 W/VA. Furthermore, it has an operating temperature range of -°C40 to +80°C.

Ffuel level sensors


Capacitance fuel level sensors operate on the basic principle of the linear variation of the electrical capacity formed between the rod and outer shell with the content (oil) level, transformed variation of the content (oil) level to 4~20mA, 0~5V, digital, RS485 output, could display liquid level height directly or sent to the remote monitoring and control system by satellite.

DOCM mini flow meter


Fuel consumption instrument is using the positive displacement principle to dynamic monitoring vehicle fuel consumption, its measurement accuracy is not affected by fuel change, bumpy road, completed set of flow integrating meter could display the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, total time and so on, completed set of transmitter, output standard Modbus protocol through RS485 interface and connect with GPS, widely used in automobile fuel consumption monitoring field.