Ivan Chang
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Company Website: Sivann inc.


I'm dedicated in open source hardware and software integration and hope to provide the 1st IoT developing turnkey solution that is cross wireless protocols and cross platforms based on node.js

Sivanneers are a group of RF and embedded system gurus dedicated to providing the first IoT turnkey solutions based on open-source hardware (OSH) and open-source software (OSS) platform.

ABOUT Sivann:

Sivann provides the first IoT framework and design kit based on open-source hardware (OSHW) and open-source software (OSSW) principles.


Protocols can be Interoperable

Interoperability. sivann inc. is resolving the most critical challenge for IoT which is the fragmentation of communication standards. Smart devices with various protocols such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, and MQTT can be interoperable through our framework. Sivann enables the developers to have a simple & generic development approach to develop IoT applications and interact with devices under different protocols. Let the framework deal with various protocols.


Fast Prototyping. Save R&D and switching costs. Front-end programmers now can quickly develop IoT server side applications on top of our nodejs-based framework. Our framework takes care of the complex wireless/IP-based protocols, bottom layers such as network & device managements, chipset controllers, and even firmware. Developers can now focus on the development of it's killer applications.

Open Source

See and touch the source code. Developers can take control unlike other proprietary software platforms. Free source code, guidance, and API documents can be downloaded online directly.

Machine to Human

Flexible & Scalable. Friendly SDK & APIs are provided to developers to quickly develop Mobile/Web applications. Developers can easily "communicate" to their smart IoT devices through the gateway's host server with inter-connecting and management services embedded in our framework. Developers can also build up local host applications and services without reinventing the wheel.

Turnkey Solutions

Fast Ramp-up. We offer not only software framework, but open source hardware reference designs for various sensor circuits and Linux-based gateway for your reference.