Iva Jankovic
Iva Jankovic
Lab Manager at betahaus Hardware.co Lab
Berlin, Germany
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Together with our Partner Conrad Electronics and our homegrown initiative Hardware.co we created our very own Hardware Lab to provide a professional launchpad for ambitious hardware projects, as well as a groundbed for starting hardware enthusiasts and hobbyists. The Lab provides space for up to 10 Residents and is equipped with the latest test equipment to manufacture the first range of serious prototypes.


betahaus is a coworking space in Berlin, Hamburg, Sofia and Barcelona.

At betahaus | Berlin you can work from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. If you book the 24/7 extra you can even work weekends and during the night.

Of course, you could always work at a train station, or the airport terminal. However, that’s not usually very pleasant.

We’ve envisioned a space that functions as a combination of a Vienna-style coffee house, a library, a home office or a university campus. We combine the best aspects of these locations, and use them to constantly develop betahaus.

Since January 2009, we have been operating in a formerly state-owned space on Prinzessinnenstraße, close to Moritzplatz in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Our team consists of highly-talented people from different disciplines, such as design, architecture, and more. At betahaus, we seek to implement our own ideas from work and life, as well as to invite other designers to exhibit, test, and further develop their ideas and prototypes in our space. Who knows what may emerge from this flow of ideas…

At betahaus, we offer areas for quiet, concentrated work, as well as plenty of communicative space where you can make a phone call, or simply think aloud.

Apart from separate meeting rooms, large eventspace, maker space, electronics lab and our café on the ground floor for relaxed entertainment, we have a coworking space of approximately 3000 square metres. Of course, we provide access to printers, scanners, and free wi-fi – all of that should be a given!

Our Equipment

Testing, tinkering and rapid prototyping. We got all the stuff you need. This is just the beginning...


10 Permanent Workstations, SSD Flooring & Desks, Groundfloor betahaus


Multimeters, Oscilloscopes Pulse/function Generators, Locic Analyser, Spectrum Analyser, FLIR Cam

Rapid Prototyping

Makerbot Replicator 2, Formlabs 1+, Fully Equipped Woodshop, more coming


40000-Count Bench Multimeters, 200MHz Oscilloscopes, Arbitrary Functino Generators, 200MHz Logic Analyzer, 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer, FLIR Camera

Other Machines

PCB Drill Press, Soldering Stations, Hot Air Reflow Tool, Solder fume extractors, Magnifying bench lights