INPOFi Wireless Power
INPOFi Wireless Power
Manager at Silicon Spread Corp.
San Jose, United States
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Company Website: Silicon Spread Corp.

Silicon Spread was established in 2011 by a team of semiconductor experts with extensive experience and achievements, dedicated to the research and development of power management technology. The core members of the team were US IDT’s key technical leaders, with over 20 years experience in the design of integrated circuit. Their designed chips have won numerous world-class awards. CEO Dr. Tao Jing led his team to developed hundreds of chips which have shared over 80% of global market.

Silicon Spread’s "iNPOFi Smart Zero-radiation Wireless Charging Technology" breakthroughs the bottleneck of other wireless charging solutions of inefficiencies, radiation, heat, large size; increases the power transfer efficiency up to 95%, comparable to plug-in charging system, and emits no electromagnetic radiation, no heat. The chips not only eliminate power port/cord, but also allow a device to charge safely in a multi-directional fashion without alignment required. The chips are compact and pebble size for easy integration. iNPOFi technology is the only wireless charging solution to be embedded into smart glasses. It is also an only solution suitable for metallic electronic products.

This technology’s reference designed products have won three consecutive years in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Award: 2013 "Retailers HOT PICKS"; 2014 the highest official award "Design and Engineering of the Most Best Innovation Award (BEST OF INNOVATIONS)"; and 2015 "Design and Engineering Innovation Award (INNOVATION AWARD)".

Silicon Spread is planning to upgrade existing technology and products, to develop the QuickCharge and multi-mode wireless charging solutions and other innovative technologies to meet the market demand. Once it happens, iNPOFi chips can hold the capacity for QuickCharge to be up to 7x faster in a standard 5W charge.

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