Ilya Chervonnov
Ilya Chervonnov
Lead Developer at MERA Software Services
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
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MERA Software Services is a leading provider of outsourced software development services for the ICT industry. Since its inception in 1989 we have built a solid basis for joint R&D projects with equipment manufacturers and solution vendors of all sizes around the world.

MERA Software Services is recognized globally for a comprehensive portfolio of services, profound domain knowledge and a passion for perfection. The company deals with projects of any complexity from low-level development of firmware, drivers, etc. all the way to the application layer development for a great variety of standards and specialized embedded hardware/software platforms. MERA Software Services possesses market-unique experience that has been accumulated over years of cooperation with the leading solutions and equipment vendors.

MERA Software Services is a trusted R&D partner to the world leading equipment manufacturers and solution vendors. The company's roster of clients includes Ascom, Avaya, Ericsson, Kapsch, Elster, Tieto and many others. We treat outsourcing as being engaged, taking full responsibility and enjoying the power of innovation together with industry leaders.

Extensive experience in:

  • Unified Communications
  • Applications & Customer Support Services
  • Connected home, IoT, Smart grid
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecom Equipment/Networks Software
  • Automotive
  • Cloud and Visualization

The Company Highlights

  • Located in the USA with R&D operations in Eastern Europe;
  • 25+ years of excellence in software R&D services for the world ICT leaders;
  • 1200+ highly qualified software engineers;
  • Wide array of expertise in ICT;
  • Excellent competence in various software development technologies and best practices;
  • Flexibility in providing software R&D services to companies of all sizes - from startups to industry giants;
  • Low attrition rate allowing effective expertise accumulation and retention.


(1) Software Design and Development

Throughout the company`s history MERA has grown into a major provider of software development services to the world leading telecom equipment manufacturers and solutions vendors. We possess great hands-on experience and a wide array of technological expertise in mobile, converged, wireless, wireline and enterprise communications.

MERA features a solid track record of successfully delivered software R&D projects in various technological domains. We continuously introduce best practices in our quality processes and apply result-oriented management approach and advanced benchmarking techniques. MERA provides the highest level of software design and development efficiency making sure our services are competitive and shifting market expectations. We persistently demonstrate commitment to a perfect mix of cost and quality and adhere to delivery timelines.

(2) Software migration

Nowadays, new hardware and software technologies pop-up by leaps and bounds urging vendors to port legacy solutions to new hardware and platforms (OS, compiler) in order to satisfy clients in terms of productivity, cost and quality. Migration process impacts millions of code lines in large-scale products.

MERA enjoys wide expertise in various generations of technologies which allows us to make up efficient software migration plans for all the product development stages including implementation, verification and support.

We have practical experience in the following software migration areas:

  • OS migration (UNIX to Linux, Solaris to Linux)
  • CPU architecture migration (Sparc to x86)
  • Database migration (Sybase to PostgreSql, MSSQL to Oracle)
  • 3rd party migration (commercial to open-source)
  • Java application server migration (JBoss AS5 to JBoss AS7)

The software migration projects are done in five steps:

Migration projects for large-scale products comprise millions of code lines and require comprehensive approach to adapt a product to a new platform. The process requires deep understanding of both the preceding and the acceding platforms including hardware, OS, compilers, 3rd party products and databases. Our engineers possess deep practical knowledge and strong skills in large-scale cross-platform porting projects. MERA customers rely on our wide hand-on experience and involve us at all the stages of their software migration projects

(3) UX/UI Design

MERA UX&I studio is a digital experience design team within MERA Software Services Company.

We create mobile and web design solutions for clients worldwide.